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    Alexis sounds very masculine to me, so I would definitely prefer Aubrey Elise.
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    I like your other names better than Alexis. Aubrey is great with your other girls' names. I know so many Alex- girls that it is boring. And most of them go by Lexi. Aubrey is better.
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    What does your husband/family like the best ? I put a name poll on baby center when I was expecting and got very different feedback than on nameberry. Nameberry has a certain taste and you have to consider if the name fits in "you world" not the world of many who don't even have children to name, rather enjoy name games.

    Please post your name once she's is born I have seen many of your posts and have always voted for Alexis because my alexis goes by ally or Alex and everyone loves it. It is a strong name but that is what I wanted. Good luck
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    I much prefer Alice or Alexa to Alexis.

    Alexis is the least attractive of the Alexa/Alexandra type names to me, sorry.

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    My husband prefers Aubrey Elise. The rest of our family likes all of them...I would love Ava...

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