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    Adrian, Melody, Shyla and...

    Hello! Asking for a friend. She doesn't currently have internet at her house so I'm her nameberry voice!

    My friend has three children, Adrian Kenneth, Melody Leanne, and Shyla Odette. She's getting near the end of her pregnancy and her and her husband are asking for help. They aren't agreeing.

    She wants "pretty and but unusual" for her girl name. Her last name ends in ER so none of those. No D names.

    She's looking to go in a less trendy sounding route than she did with Shyla.

    EDIT -- and in case you're the type where looks and stuff matter when suggesting names, the kids all have light skin, 2 have dark hair and one has blonde, all of them are blue eyed. The mom is very into martial arts, medieval things, swords and those sorts of things (it's how we met ^_^). The dad is artistic, musical, and is very into languages.
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