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    Cool FINALLY...a Girl!

    How's it going, everyone? Ok, so I'm at odds.
    I have two little boys Matthew Eli, and Benjamin David.

    We are expecting a little girl and my husband is a bit more excited that I am. I'm excited too of course, don't get me wrong. But he is P-U-M-P-E-D. He wants to go all out with the girliness for his "princess".

    He wants flower names or princess names.
    I want old fashioned, tomboy , or gender neutral names. Or something a bit more unusual?

    I'm only asking for help with first names but if anyone can think or middles to go with then that'd be stellar!

    PS: We picked our boy names based on initials of our parents. My name is Katie (short for Katherine) and his name is Aaron. (If that matters? I don't know!)

    This isn't one of those posts that are just for fun, I'm not trying to fool anyone or waste anyone's time. So genuine help is appreciated. Thanks for ANY help! <3

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    First of all, that is so sweet that your husband is so excited! Congratulations!

    I have some great suggestion for you based on flower, princess, tomboy, and old fashioned.

    Aurora - My first thought, as it is very much a princess name, and comes with tomboyish nickname Rory. Matthew, Benjamin, and Aurora would be lovely.

    Avalon - this has always sounded strong and not too frilly, but I'd still befit this name to a princess. Yet it retains a gender neutral vibe to me. I think this could work very well for you! Matthew, Benjamin, and Avalon (girly nickname could be Ava if your husband wanted)

    Guinevere - not my favorite pick for you, but in royalty it was the name of the fictional queen of Camelot. In addition, it's not overly frilly, and is instead strong. I could picture a tomboy names Guinevere, maybe nickname Gwen. Matthew, Benjamin and Guinevere isn't my favorite pairing though...a little mismatched

    Rhiannon - this could work splendidly! Rhiannon is the epitome of strong, easily given to a tomboy. And it means divine queen! Spectacular. Matthew, Benjamin, and Rhiannon would be very lovely.

    Waverly - a personal favorite of mine, Waverly is the name of Buttercup and Wesley's daughter in the Princess Bride. So technically, it's a princess name. In addition, it is definitely gender neutral, because it's a surname. I could see Waverly on either daddy's little princess, or a little tomboy. Matthew, Benjamin, and Waverly is great.

    Jasmine - obviously, it's already a bona fide Disney princess name, yet it maintains a strong will and even references a flower! Not really gender neutral, but the strength in the name I think makes it very easily fitting to a tomboy. Matthew, Benjamin, and Jasmine would be nice.

    I'll cap it off there. Best of luck! I'll warn you, the qualities you request aren't easily paired together. Your husband wants girly, you want tomboy. Might be difficult.
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    Perhaps an old-fashioned, feminine name would be a good compromise? Do you like:

    Edith nn Edie
    Estaline nn Lena
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    Why yes, I probably should be working!

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    How about:
    Josephine (Jo)
    Valerie (Val)
    Alexandra (Alex)
    Camila (Cam)
    Juliette/Julia/Juliana (Jools)

    Just some names that popped up in my head, and some long princessy names that you can get you a short tomboyish nickname.

    Good luck!

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    Congratulations! How exciting!


    (I tried to think of something feminine without being overly girly. Some of those names could be shortened for nicknames too.)

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