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    Final Decision Needed

    I'm probably posting too soon after my first post, but a solid decision really needs to be made, as the little one is expected in as soon as two weeks. Unorganised springs to mind, however we had previously chosen Amelie Orla, but have since decided that, especially as it's our first, her name has to mean something special, plus I had fallen out of love with it.
    From the first post, I no longer feel that choosing a name associated with Harry Potter is too much, and have managed to narrow the first name list to 4 - Lily (Potter), Hermione (Granger), Ginevra (Weasley) and Rowena (Ravenclaw). I really like these names, and what their characters represent. Opinions on these choices would be so helpful, along with these middle name combinations; as a decision is needed very soon!

    Rowena Fleur
    Rowena Lily
    Lily Narcissa
    Lily Rowena
    Hermione Fleur
    Hermione Lily
    Hermione Victoire
    Ginevra Lily
    Ginevra Fleur

    Thankyou in advance,

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    I like Hermione Fleur best.

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    My top 3: Lily Rowena, Rowena Fleur, and Hermione Fleur.

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    I like Rowena Fleur, Lily Rowena, or Hermione Fleur the best. They have the best flow out of the combos you've listed.

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