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    Excuse me while I turn into a complete Harry Potter geek, but here goes;
    Hermione/Fred - this one was seriously meant to be, and I'm so upset that Jk Rowling didn't stick to her original idea and run with this
    James/Lily - these two are completely perfect for each other.
    Ginny/Blaise - I just see this one and I have no clue why?
    Ron/Hermione - this is lovely but such a boring relationship.
    Draco/Pansy - this ship makes me ill.
    Favourite characters are as follows; Hermione, Harry, Luna (she's so eccentric and lovely, I just love her), Dobby (how can anyone not love Dobby?), Fred and George, Bellatrix, Narcissa etc. I generally like all of them, excluding death eaters who aren't Bellatrix, Narcissa, Snape and Draco, apart from Dolores Umbridge who I absolutely loathe and wanted dead more than Voldemort!

    Does anyone here watch Downton Abbey? I loved Mary and Matthew to bits, but unfortunately Matthew had to go and die.. I love Cora and Robert and loved Sybil and Tom too At the minute I'm really liking Mary and Blake(not sure of his first name), although I know a lot of people like Mary and Tony Gillingham.

    As for Lord of the rings, I feel so out of this because I've never watched it and paid attention. I don't know why, but it doesn't seem to appeal to me.

    I think Ottille mentioned Love Actually and I love Aurelia and Jamie too
    Wow, this is such a good thread.
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    Favourite names
    ♀ - Ginevra, Bellatrix, Hermione, Luna, Andromeda, Lily, Fleur, Rowen, Juniper, Sienna, Aoife, Elowen, Amelie, Georgiana, Lavinia
    ♂ - Jude, Otto, Arthur, Lysander, Noah, Henry, Elijah, Theo/Theodore, George

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    Oh gosh, someone mentioned Blaise Zabini. I have so much head canon for Blaise and Theodore Nott that it's a bit ridiculous.

    And Sessha!! You mentioned Sparkness! (John Hart and Spike are so similar, we might as well call it Spike/Jack, right?) One of my friends is a huge fan of James Marsters, and I showed her that clip yesterday and she just about screamed.

    I think Umbridge is the one HP character that everyone hates. Literally no redeemable qualities.

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    Nice piccy, Angel!

    I can't believe I forgot these two as they're two of my ultimate crushes but I did:

    Jim from The Office. Who doesn't want to be married to Jim? So adorable,

    Tristan from King Arthur - worst movie EVER but how gorgeous was Mads Mikkelsen? Of course, Mads is hot as hell in everything, but I loved him in this one. Might be because of the cape...

    ...and Fey, isn't Daniel Day-Lewis (or DDL as I affectionately call him) utterly weird and amazing? I adore all his movies. I love his wife Rebecca Miller even more though, she's a gorgeous writer (as in writes beautifully, but she's utterly enchanting as well) and the daughter of Arthur Miller.
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    @sessha - I only remember one cheating arc in BSG, but it's not something I'm sensitive to, so I may have missed some. Spikes actions in S5 and S6 were despicable, agreed, but you have to judge him as a demon without a soul. He looks like a human, with human morality, but he's not. All the good choices he makes were in spite of what he was. It's one of the reasons I think he's so much more heroic than Angel, whose soul was forced on him, and even when he was human he wasn't a good person (Angel I mean). I loved his character in Torchwood. I watch Lost Girl, too. I love Bo and Kenzi. I like Davies and Moffat. I'm not one of those people who blames one or the other for destroying Doctor Who. I think they both have strengths and weaknesses, and in the end, I've enjoyed both of their ways of telling the story. I adore River. We just got to the start of her storyline in our re-watch, and she's such a sassy brat. I can't get myself to like Clara, though. I'm hoping I like her better in S8, because I had every intention of falling in love with her. I'm sad you dislike Donna, she's my favorite companion. She was a true friend to the Doctor, and I think she got the saddest ending of the new companions. I think you should watch LOST. The ending isn't bad, in my opinion, though it's not what I wanted. The last two seasons had a lot of craziness, but it's still one of my favorite shows.

    Someone mentioned North and South earlier, and I can't find it now. The kiss at the end is one of my top 10 favorite kisses in movies. Wow. I melt every time. The way he watches her, that little smile while she rambles on. Gah. And then she kisses his hand. And the music swells and I want to DIE. Love. It.

    @Ottile - Yes, DDL is weird and amazing. I don't know much about his wife, and had no idea he'd married into the Miller family. What stories they must have! Mads Mikkelsen is a fairly new love of mine. I first noticed him in Hannibal last spring, which I only watched because of Bryan Fuller (who I'm obsessed with). Mikkelsen is incredible. Sexy in a very disturbing way, and his acting is intense.
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