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    @Fey- EVERYTHING is a thing in fandom. I read too much teen lit and watch too much tv, so here goes.

    Sirius Black is my all time ultimate love. I would give up everyone else on my list for him...
    HP- Fred, Harry, Neville, and Cedric
    LOST- Desmond all the way. And Boone.Sawyer. Kate and Claire.
    Once Upon a Time- Emilie De Ravin again, I love Belle. And Hook, swoon!
    LOTR- My first love is was Frodo. I've been into Elijah since like 1996. But then I saw Legolas, etc. and I think I've crushed on everyone in that film at some point.
    Hobbit- My second literature crush was Fili, but I didn't imagine him half as hot as he was portrayed in the movie! Kili too. Can't wait to see Evangeline.
    Supernaural- Dean all the way.
    Vampire Diaries- Damon! And Alaric back in the day. And Elena a little bit.
    Divergent- Four aka Tobias Eaton.
    Garrett Hedlund- as Patroclus in Troy, and even more as Murtagh in Eragon.
    House- Dr. House and Dr. Chase, especially sans Cameron when he skews rather slutty. Haha.
    Revenge- Emily Thorn (loved the actress in Everwood also) and Jack Porter. Yum.
    Anime- Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru, Vash/Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Spike Spiegel/Faye Valentine, Gene Starwind, Ruroni Kenshin, Kurama/Hiei, Gohan/Vegeta/Android #17, literally everyone from Ouran HS Host Club...

    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    Liz Parker on Roswell (and actually, Shiri Appleby in general)
    I love her so so much! I wanted to grow up to be exactly like Liz Parker. Life Unexpected was good as well. And her time on Chicago Fire. She is always amazing in everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    None of Eleven's companions have been my favorites. I liked Rory and Amy was okay, but I feel like they stuck around too long. I adore Jenna-Louise but I'm not crazy about Clara. I'm not a fan of River either. I feel like she had potential at first, but her storyline has been drawn out for too long. I think Moffat just has a crush on Alex Kingston.
    Haha, yeah... don't even get me started on my epic loathing of River Song and that entire storyline.

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    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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    @amydomsmom-- Trigun! Wolfwood! I cried when he died :'( Vash is one of my favorite (non Miyazaki) anime characters. I crushed on Ruroni Kenshin for a very brief time before liking his buddy who wore the red bandana. Can't remember his name cause it's been so long since I've seen it. And man when I was a teenager I thought I was madly in love with Trunks. Even now when we watch DBZ on Saturdays when it's on, Cody goes "Hey Angel, there's your boyfriend!" -- My Amazon Author Page

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    redwoodfey - My husband got me this mug:

    I thought it was perfect!

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    I seem to be the odd one out here, because I have not seen/heard of many of the shows you guys seem to be crazy about! I mostly watch crime shows, so here are my main ships:

    Castle - this is my number one show right now, Nathan Fillion is a gorgeous comic genius! Stana is breathtakingly beautiful and a very talented actress! I adore Caskett (Castle and Beckett), so glad they are canon now. Also love Esplanie (Javier Esposito and Lanie Parish), and cannot wait to meet Ryan and Jenny's baby!
    NCIS LA - this spin-off is a refreshing take on the old classic. The Sam/Callen bromance is awesome to watch. However, my favourite character has to be Deeks played by Eric Christian Olsen. His shaggy, surfer look makes me swoon, and Densi (Deeks and Kensi) are an adorable couple, and I really hope this is their season and they become canon!
    Rookie Blue - a seriously underrated Canadian cop show with an awesome and very handsome cast! My favourites are Sam Swarek (played by Ben Bass) and Andy McNally (played by Missy Peregrym) - these two are destined to be together, though the writers don't seem to agree! Really hope they get their act together next season! Also loving Gail/Holly!

    There are others, but I don't have much time to watch TV anymore, so have had to limit which shows I follow.

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