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    How Would These Be Accepted?

    Wondering how these names will be accepted/received by others.

    Abilene nn Abi/Lena
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah)
    Antoinette nn Etta
    Edeline nn Edie
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen)
    Octavia nn Ava?
    Primrose nn Posey

    Nickname suggestions are welcome :-)

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    Abilene nn Abi/Lena: nms, I like the nicknames though!
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah): I wouldn't use it, but wouldn't think twice if someone else did, it's a pretty name
    Antoinette nn Etta: I think of Marie Antoinette, not sure if I'd use it on a child
    Bedelia: Not a fan
    Bronwen: I've heard it before, nms but cute
    Calanthe: I like this! Callie as a nn?
    Celestine: Not a fan
    Clarinda: ^
    Dorothea: Cute! I knew a Dorothy at the daycare I used to work at, unusual but adorable! nn Thea?
    Drusilla: Sounds evil to me, sorry!
    Edeline nn Edie: I prefer Adeline, but still useable. Edie is darling though
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen): I prefer Imogen
    Maude: not sure about it on a little girl, but I suppose! I prefer Maeve
    Octavia nn Ava?: Unusual but not in a bad way. I like the nn
    Primrose nn Posey: Love it! Prefer rose as a nn though
    Theodora: This is cute, Thea is a good nn, but it does remind me of Dora the Explorer. Working at a daycare, I LOATHE that show haha.
    Viola: Love it!
    Virginia: nms

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    Drusilla and Octavia are the only ones that I think most people would raise an eyebrow at.

    I know people with most of these names except Acacia pronounces her name Uh kay sh uh, which I prefer.

    I prefer Dorothy over Dorothea.

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    Here are the only issues/concerns that strike me:

    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah) - I would be concerned about pronunciation issues

    Drusilla - this one strikes me as a little too out there and also…it just makes me picture an unattractive (in every sense of the word) girl who's destined to be an emo/goth type

    Maude - I'm not sure this would be an issue outside the US (because I don't know whether it was shown elsewhere), but Maude was the title and main character of a tv show that was somewhat controversial and that, to a great extent, made its main character a caricature of a limousine liberal

    Viola - just not wild about the idea of naming a child after a musical instrument

    I really like some of your other names and just have to add:

    Antoinette nn Etta - I'd actually like to see Antoinette used more than it is (it's one of the only names ending in "ette" that I actually like). Off with their heads, I say!
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    Where I live all but Virginia would be met with a blank stare or a huh? Some of them I'm not sure how to pronounce. The only one I kind of like is Abilene.
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