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    Need 'A' Girl Names??

    So here's my predicament- I love the name Jolen, but its the same as a close friend, and I don't feel as if it would be OK to use as a first. I would like the nickname 'AJ' for a girl, using Jolen as the middle name, and was thinking of using Aurora/Arora Jolen, but I also love the nickname Rory, and wouldn't want to spoil that. I thought of Arwen Jolen and Alyson Jolen, but I can't get over the fact that they have the same ending sound. Ariadne Jolen sounds too outlandish. So, I need girls names that start with an A, and don't have the 'en' ending sound. Thanks!

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    A___ (no en end) Jolen:

    Arcadia Jolen or Alexis Jolen

    Alexia Jolen or Augusta Jolen

    Avril Jolen or Aura Jolen

    Avery Jolen or Aria Jolen

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    I like Avery and Aria! Also, I already considered Alexis/Alexia and Avril, but Alexis is another close friend and Avril just doesn't click for me, I guess. Its similarity to April makes it a bit cliche, as I don't love the month names (I like December a little). Thank you

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    Alivia Jolen
    Ada Jolen
    Abigail Jolen
    Alana Jolen
    Alexa Jolen
    Alice Jolen
    Alyssa Jolen
    Amber Jolen
    Amira Jolen
    Anna Jolen
    Arly Jolen
    Ashley Jolen
    Autumn Jolen
    Ava Jolen
    Acacia Jolen
    Aria Jolen
    Alia Jolen
    Azure Jolen

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    Adelina Jolen

    Alora Jolen

    Alina Jolen

    Aliyah Jolen

    Audra Jolen

    Aria Jolen

    Aurelia Jolen

    Amara Jolen

    Amelie Jolen

    Alayna Jolen

    Alana Jolen

    Aislinn Jolen

    Adelaide Jolen

    Ainsley Jolen
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