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    Abilene - ok, I prefer Aveline, but it's a nice enough name.
    Acacia - I think it will be pronounced Uh-kay-shuh by most people (like the tree), so I wouldn't use it if you're really wanting a different pronunciation.
    Antoinette - okay, very frilly, but I don't mind it since it has so many options for nicknames.
    Bedelia - never heard of it IRL. Make me think of Amelia Bedelia. I personally wouldn't want the word "bed" in my name. I know a girl named Adelia though.
    Bronwen - never been a fan. Make me think of a chunky woman with braids singing opera.
    Calanthe - my first thought is "caliente" the Spanish word for hot. I prefer other "cal" names.
    Celestine - feels heavy handed to me, more so even than Angel.
    Clarinda - never heard of it, I like Clarissa though.
    Dorothea - I'm really not a fan of heavy feminizations and this one is definitely a primary contender for leader of that group.
    Theodora - same as above
    Drusilla - sorry, it's right up there with Elvira, just makes me think of witches.
    Edeline - meh, Adeline is nice, Edeline looks like Adeline trying to be unique and instead being a clunkier more masculine version of a pretty name.
    Imogene - what's wrong with Imogen? I think you're just opening your kid up to a lifetime of spelling and pronunciation problems.
    Maude - I just find this one unpleasant. It's not a pretty sound. All I can think is "clod" "wad" sod" "bod" "odd" "doddering" "fodder" or "gaping maw"
    Virginia - meh, never been one I've really like but it's okay. very....virginal.
    Primrose nn Posey - bit heavy handed in the sweetness department. Right up there with Amaryllis
    Octavia - I actually don't mind this one. It's not a favorite, but it's okay. I like the nn Tavi
    Viola - my favorite from your list. I really like the name Viola. I find it charming and uncommon and pretty.
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    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah) - I've long loved Acacia (Spanish pronunciation) but dislike the English Uh-CAY-sha pronunciation
    Antoinette nn Etta - might be seen as dated by some because of the -ette ending. I love Etta but would be afraid that she'd end up as Toni at some point - majorly NMS
    Bedelia - I'm afraid Amelia Bedelia always makes Bedelia feel daffy and flighty to me. Weird, I know, because Amelia escapes unscathed for me
    Bronwen - I really like Bronwen and am a fan of Winnie for the Welsh -wen names. Doesn't need a nickname though. Don't know if people will lump it with the Br- names that are trendy now (Brynn, Braeley, Braelynn -NMS!) but it feels completely different to me.
    Celestine - unpopular opinion, but I love it. There's actually a little boy with this name at a refugee center where I teach. The kids have the most gorgeous French names.
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen) - more partial to Imogen, as Imogene feels more "country" to me, but still nice. Gene/Genie are potential NNs, but I love Imo.
    Maude - love it
    Octavia nn Ava? Somehow Avi feels more intuitive to me but Ava works.
    Theodora - I love Theodore for boys and the feminine version is great too. I read this with the Tay-o-DOH-ra pronunciation though, and I'd feel pretentious asking anyone to use that because I know most would say Thee-o-DOR-a. Thea/Theo, Teddy, Dora, Dot/Dotty - so many NNs! Theda is a similar but condensed old-Hollywood name.
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    Abilene nn Abi/Lena- I think it's pretty but a little unfamiliar. One of those names you either love or hate.
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah) - I probably wouldn't use it, but it makes for a lovely middle!
    Antoinette nn Etta- With the French names quickly making an appearance in the name world, I think it will be accepted perfectly.
    Bedelia- The Amelia Bedelia references would be too much for me.
    Bronwen- I like this name as a middle, but its a bit outlandish as a first name for me.
    Calanthe- Very pretty! (Calli as a nickname?)
    Celestine- I've never liked the Celeste/Celestia/Celestine names personally, but they'd be fine in general.
    Clarinda- Probably not a great choice, as people tend to receive unfamiliar names without much enthusiasm.
    Dorothea- Pretty and not too 'Wizard of Oz'
    Drusilla- I think the link to Cinderella's evil stepsister would be a little too strong.
    Edeline nn Edie- Very nice!
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen)- I enjoy this simple, pleasant-sounding name, and the adorable 'Immy' as a nickname.
    Maude- A bit old-ladyish for me
    Octavia nn Ava?- Not very common anymore but not too outlandish.
    Primrose nn Posey- Very nice, but the nickname Posey along with the name Primrose might be too Hunger Games-ey
    Theodora- I think Dorothea is a better bet.
    Viola- I think Violet or Violetta would be better, but it's still very nice.
    Virginia I don't love Virginia, but I adore the nickname possibility 'Ginnie'

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    Abilene nn Abi/Lena - very cute, I think this one would be accepted
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah) - adorable and spunky, I think this one would be accepted
    Antoinette nn Etta - vintage, I think this one would be accepted
    Bedelia- pronunciation issues
    Bronwen - see above
    Calanthe- see twice above
    Celestine- sweet and vintage, I think this one would be accepted
    Clarinda- very sweet yet spunky, I think this one would be accepted
    Dorothea- LOVE this, I think this one would be accepted
    Drusilla- might be too much for some
    Edeline nn Edie- very cute and spunky, I think this one would be accepted
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen)- Love this much more than Imogen. I think this one would be accepted
    Maude- Very vintage chic, I think this one would be accepted
    Octavia nn Ava?- Very in trend with Ava but unique with Octavia. I think this one would be accepted
    Primrose nn Posey- LOVE, I think she'll fit in with her Violet classmates, I think this one would be accepted
    Theodora- see Dorothea
    Viola - see Clarinda.
    Virginia - see Maude

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    Acacia is nearly always pronounced like the flower (ah-kay-sha) so there could be problems there.
    There is an Antoinette at my school who goes by Toni, and I think Etta is just as intuitive.
    I think these would work:
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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