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    Looking for strong boy names with great meanings

    Hi everyone,

    We are in need of a good boy name and it has been quite challenging. I finally got some "guidelines" from my husband about what he is looking for and added in my own thoughts. We agreed to a sort of give and take system. Since it is hard to put a check mark in every category, if a name ranks really high in certain aspects, we'd be willing to overlook another. But the name has to feel balanced in all of these aspects so that we are happy with it. We'd prefer the meaning to always rank high but that is also hard. I hope that makes sense. Here is what we'd like a name to have:

    • Awesome meaning (its hard to find another one that flows like a phrase from first to middle like our son's name which means "Greatest Defender of the People" but we'd love to find that!)
    • Must sound great with our son's name: Maximus Alexander (not optional)
    • Must work well as a whole name, or have nice nickname options. We got Max already, what would be cute with that?
    • Very gender-specific. Maximus is clearly very masculine. This new name must also be strong and boyish but we don't want it to be super matchy (i.e. not another "-us" name.)

    Names we've considered in the past but aren't currently at the top of our list include: Dante, Benedict, Constantine, Theodore, Silas, August, Vincent. These could return to the top if paired with the right name.
    Remember, meaning is important to us.

    I'd love to get some fresh ideas. I feel like I've been searching forever for a great name. Based on the above, what would you suggest? Thanks!
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    Leonardo/Leonides (lion strong)
    Sander (defender of the people)
    Evander (good man)
    Andreas/Andrew (strong, manly, brave)
    Ambrose (Immortal)
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    You might also like Edmund (fortunate protector, wealthy guardian).
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    First of all, I love your son's name - I just added Maximus to my list!

    Apollo (Or if you want to be adventure, one of his epithets - Loxias nn "Lock", which I think is adorable)

    Aurelius (golden)

    Leander (lion of a man)

    Jupiter (Roman Zeus)

    Gabriel (strong man of god)

    Archimedes (master of thought)

    Nicodemus (victory of the people, plus nn Nick or Nico)

    I'm personally loving Nicodemus Apollo and Leander Archimedes...
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    Alaric "ruler of all"
    Alphard "the individual one"
    Casimir "greatness" (but could also mean "destroyer of peace")
    Cyrus "supreme power" or "like the sun" or "far sighted"
    Darius "to posses goodness"
    Faramond "journey protection"
    Ferdinand "journey courage"
    Herakles "glory of Hera"
    Hyperion "he who goes above" (as in the sky)
    Ignatius "fire"
    Laszlo "to rule with glory"
    Lysander "freeing men"/"release of a man"
    Melchior "king of light"
    Peregrine "traveler"
    Rainier "mighty counsel"
    Xerxes "hero of heroes"
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