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    In desperate need of a nickname for main character!!!!

    Hello world;

    I'm in desperate need of a nickname for my main female character - she's 13 years old, dark chocolate coloured hair, pale olive skin, dark green eyes, petite, skilled fighter, shy, extremely clever and the younger sister of an overprotective brother named Sebastian (Seb).
    Her official name is Valentina Cleopatra Alexandrina Marguerite Esme Clarissa Mary Anne Ravenfield and her family are extremely rich however she doesn't have parents as they have died - her grandmother, Marguerite and mother's sister, Euphemia look after her along with her brother. At home she goes by her nickname and only her very close friends call her by her nickname as well.
    She is named after her father, Alexander's sister who was the thirteenth Valentina in her family - they like to named children after other people a lot... Valentina 13 was nicknamed Leni.
    Her mother is called Esmeralda. Her older sister also needs a name, she's got the same dark chocolate hair, skin but has hazel eyes.
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