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  • Anna Elisabeth Dagmar Koenig

    3 16.67%
  • Anna Natalya Luise Koenig

    1 5.56%
  • Natalya Antonia Luise Koenig

    4 22.22%
  • Agnes Natalya Luise

    4 22.22%
  • Sibylla Natalya Luise (Anglicized to Sibyl in England)

    3 16.67%
  • Rosamund Natalya Luise

    3 16.67%
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    8. Renaming Rosamunde

    Genre: Historical fiction

    Time Period/Location: 1930s-1948, Austria, France and England

    Brief Plot: A young pianist is found drowned in a lake. We go back to her adolescence in Austria, her student years in Vienna and Paris, and her adulthood in London to see how she reached that moment in the lake. There's romance, death, war, and other stuff.

    Character Description:
    -Born 24/25 December, 1917
    -Father: Austrian Jew (doctor)
    -Mother: Born and raised in Austria, parents are Russian (pianist)
    -Favorite of her Russian grandfather, Arkady.
    -Second daughter, middle of six children
    -Black hair, olive green eyes

    Immediate Family:
    -Mother: Esther Arkadyevna Koenig (nee Zhirinovskya)
    -Father: Otto Ferdinand Emil Koenig
    -Ottilie Miriam Auguste (born 1916)
    -Clara Sophie Karolina (born 1920)
    -Anna Elisabeth Dagmar/Ursula Margarethe Ingrid/Dagmar Elisabeth Marianne (born 1928)
    -Ernst Ferdinand Theodor (born 1916)
    -Maximilian Stefan Emil (born 1930)
    -Arkady Sergeyevich Zhirinovsky
    -Natalya Mikhailovna Zhirnovskya

    Already Considered:

    Don't suggest:
    Any names already considered

    Anything else:
    I was still leaning towards Rosamunde (that spelling) but then I heard that name heard on NPR and the German pronunciation is Roz-uh-MOON-duh. Which sort of ruined the name for me.

    Indicate which name I should use for the third sister in the comments please (if you vote for an Anna name in the poll.)

    Thanks again, Berries!

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    Hi! I voted for Rosamund Natalya Luise because I like the fact that Rosamund has a story behind it.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Interesting- Rosamund seems to be in the lead.
    Keep the votes coming, please!

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    How are you pronouncing Rosamund?

    The way I say them:
    Rosamunde, in German, is RO-zah-mun-duh, and Rosamund is ROZ-uh-mund.

    Anyway, I kind of want to throw my vote for Agnes as you've got my middle and my sisters and my mother's and my grandather's name in that family already, haha. I think Agnes or Natalya are the best fits, honestly.
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    I'm not really sure, to be honest. But I wanted to point out that all Anna considerations might want to be null and void, since I see she has a sister named Anna. I kind of like Sibylla, since changing her name to Sibyl could cause identity drama in England.
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