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    I have three dogs named Delilah, Otter, and Malachi. (Malachi is actually my mom's but whatever.)

    Delilah's nicknames are Lily, Dillie, Dillie-Lily, Lily Pad, Lily Petals, Goober, Duma (rhymes with puma), La-La, Lilah, and Doobus
    Otter's nicknames are Ottie, Potty, Potter, Ferrety, Weasel, Otter Butt, and Totter
    Malachi's nicknames are Mali, Mal-Mal, Cai (rhymes with tie), Cai-Cai, Squishy, Gremlin, and Cujo
    My Fur-Babies -
    Delilah Sapphira
    Otter Belle

    -- Myth

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    My Pom/Bichon mix Bowie is called: Little Bear, Tiny Bear, Bowie Bear, Bubba Bear, Bubba or - only by my goddaughter - Brubber.

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    My cat's name is Alfie Paul. Alfie's pretty nickname-y on it's own, but I call him Alf, Alfers, Lil Alfers, Kit-Cat, Baby Cat, Stormaggedon (Doctor Who joke) and Stormy when he's bad.

    My brother's dog is named Taser, and I call him Tasey and Tasey-Boy (like Laz-E-Boy... yes, I nicknamed my brother's dog after a recliner.)

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    Ready for this?

    Callie - Cal, Callie Jane, Calzone, Calamity Jane, Calamity, Brat Cat, Brat, and - Get The "Heck" Off The Counter!
    Tasha - Tosh, Tasha Moon, Mooners, Tasha-bo-Basha, Squirt
    Nina - Neen, Neeners, Nina Bean, Bean, Beans, Beanie Baby, Koala Bear, Nina Beana, Nina Green-Eyes, Nina Gold-Spot, French Fry, Baby/Baby Girl, Bubba Goo, Purrs-a-Lot, Motor Boat, Gargoyle, Vulture, Our Lady of the Perpetually Pissed

    Kaija - Kai, Kaiser, Stumpy, Stinker, Boot, Smelly Dog, Kaiba, Kai-Bear, Stripey Dog, Kaija Grace, Grace, Big Sister
    Brighde - Bree, Breezy, Bree-Baby, Breezes, Beachy, Beachy Keen, Bee, Beezus, Brighde-Bear, also Baby Girl/Bubba Goo, Super Puppy, Brighde Moxie, Mox, Blue Dog, Big Dog, Little Sister

    I also had a gerbil once named Kiki Marie Antoinette Shredder Elizabeth Perdita McGerbilstein, affectionately called Kiki or Shredder.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Ambi (Ambilical Jennifer)- Amber, Amb, Ambers, Baby, Tigey
    Sammy (Samuel John)- Sam, Mr. Tubbs, Tubby, Sammer, Sammers, Samma-Banana
    Spike (Spikefred Bob)- Spiker

    Clouseau- Clue, Clueless, White Rat

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