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    Question Pet Names for your Pets

    I was thinking the other day that I hardly ever call my two cats by their actual names. I have many other monikers for them:

    Lil, Wil, Lil-Wil, Lil-Pil, Lilly-Pilly, Lilly-Willy, Little Lamb, Wooly Lamb, Squeak, Miss Meowsalot, Doolally Lil (because she's a little senile!) etc...

    Popsy, Pops, Popster, Popsydoodle, Monkey, Chunky Monkey, Muckypup, Trouble, Tigger/Tiger etc..

    So what "pet names" do you have for your pets?
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    At the minute I have a dog and two guinea pigs.

    Bodie the border terrier gets Bode, Bodes, Bodles, Bode-Bode, Bodikins and Bo-Bo that relate to his name and Fuzzy-Face/Fuzzy-Features, my little scruffball or Scruffpup(when he needs his coat stripped), Woofy (when he barks at something stupid/imaginary) and Dribbley (his beardie soaks up water like a sponge). My dad also calls his the Bodester or the Bodemeister as well as a couple of other really weird things that I can't remember.

    The piggies haven't got many names yet because they're fairly new as I lost two earlier this year. At the minute Portia gets Porshie, Porshe-Porshe and Wiggle-Pig 'cause she's very squirmy. Penny gets Pen-Pen and Penelope.
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    Bob (given nickname, full name Robert William), gerbil: Bobby, Bobsies, Bobbles, Chunkybobbles, Bobbybutters, Bubblyboo, Bobby Boy, Bobby Buddy, Bobbyknobby, Bubby, Bubbles, Bobble, Bobblyboo, Bobbly, Bobblesboo, Chunkybob, Chunkmuffin, Bobby Gerbil

    Charlie (given nickname, full name Charles Patrick), gerbil- Charlie Boy, Charfee, Chals, Charnee, Chahles, Kip, Kit, Charliebutton, Charlie-Boo Baby

    Comet (full name Comet Asteriod), frog - Frog Singular, froggy, Commy

    Maisie (full name Maisie Angeline), hamster - Mays, Maisie-Maze, Mazecraze, Maisie-Daisy, Daisy-Maisy, Maisie-Crazy, Hazy-Maisie, Maisie-Mays
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    I haven't got any pets, but my stuffed animals, phone and laptop have nicknames:

    Mocha, the stuffed puppy: Moch, Mochety-Moch, Mochaccino
    Amy, the panda cushion: Am (as in the first syllable of Amy)
    Magnolia, the panda: Maggie, Mag
    Percival, the MacBook: Percy
    Cordelia, the iPhone: Cordy, Cora, Corla, Corly, Cordy girl (a play on the song Georgy Girl)

    Yes, I know it's strange to name my phone and laptop in general, let alone give them nicknames... I probably use the nicknames 50% of the time. Funny because I don't give most of my friends nicknames.
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

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    Haha I've got three horses and six dogs! They all have nicknames

    Kavik the malamute gets called Kavva, Kavvy, Kav, Icky, Ickypoo, Jaws, Sharky, and many other predatory nicknames! He's a marine enforcement dog so he's quite scary!

    Floyd the Presa Canario was once a fighting dog but is now a complete softy, he gets called Furble, Flo and Bubba.

    Maggie the retired army German shepherd is Mags, Moo, Maggie Moo, Girly Squirly, Gigi.

    Rudy the great dane is Big Boy, Roo, Rudy Roo, Kangaroo, Hoppy (my son) or Rudolph the Reindeer.

    Ziggy the beagle is Zig, Zigpig, Piggy, Little Boy, Wolfy and Ziggy Zoom Zoom.

    Elmo the westie is El, Eli, Momo, Squidge, Cutie Pie, Scruffs or Wags.

    As you can tell we have a lot of fun with naming in our house, you don't even want to know the horses' names!
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    And not forgetting the six furbabies! [COLOR="#800000"]Floyd Furble[/COLOR], [COLOR="#000080"]Elmo "Momo"[/COLOR], [COLOR="#800080"]Maggie Moo[/COLOR], [COLOR="#00FF00"]Ziggy "Zigpig"[/COLOR], [COLOR="#FF0000"]Rudy Roo [/COLOR]and [COLOR="#008080"]Kavik "Jaws" - deploying to Afghanistan 11.17.13 with the hubby[/COLOR] xx[/CENTER]

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