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    We nearly named our daughter Arwen. And this little boy I'm baking will be called Cato - that is NOT a Hunger Games character reference although I'm sure some people will mistake it for one. All names come from somewhere - literary names seem just as good a source as any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    I discovered the name Lysander on Nameberry and love the sound of it but have no idea what the character's like (can't actually remember where it comes from right now)- what if he's actually not all that great? I still like them, but I wouldn't use them.
    I recognize Lysander right away from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    We named our daughter Azula, which we first heard on a cartoon character - because we loved the sound of the name. I think something that's really obvious & that's got a HUGE fan base (I'm thinking Anakin or something) might be difficult for a child to grow up with. But something that is less known or more subtle (Lorien, perhaps, for Tolkien fans) is maybe a better choice.

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    What better place to find inspiration than your favorite books? Or even your favorite movies, music and of course other forms of literature?

    There are clear limits in my personal opinion, however. The type of persona the character possesses should (and often does) matter quite a bit. For example, I would loathe to see a baby Voldemort, Manson, or Cruella (I mean, really...what kind of person did those parents expect him to be?). But I see nothing wrong with Sirius, Han, or Ariel.

    There's also a fine line with obvious icons or pop culture references. Hermione is a great character to name your child after, and it's also a beautiful name. But, at least here in the US, it's completely tied into Harry Potter and would be hard to separate. That's not off limits like Voldemort, but it should definitely be considered. (Others I think fall into this are: Topanga, Atreyu, and Katniss - which is a plant, and not made up). Renesme and Bilbo should probably be avoided though!

    The celebrity trend is another fine line. So many have beautiful names, and inspiration can strike anywhere. One of the names on my list, Stone, comes from Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Not only do we both like the name on it's own, but it's made extra special because it's music that we share a love for. Kardashian is a little different...and let's hope no little Gagas are born.

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    Well if I see Peeta, Katniss or Renesmee on a child, I know I feel nauseous (ok maybe that's exaggerated, but really people, why name your child something so obviously linked to a book character?) but I myself am guilty of wanting character names. Mr. Darcy is by far, my favourite book character ever, and the name Darcy is at the top of my boys list, because of him.

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    Lysander is a character is Shakespeare's a midsummer nights dream. He is the lover of Helena and a hopeless romantic. He wants to run away with her to be married despite her betrothal to demetrius. Arguably the most poetic characters in that particular play. My most favourite by Shakespeare, which is where my love of Lysander stems.

    I also agree with pps that it's a very fine line we walk when we choose names from pop culture. I myself fell in love with Sebastian after watching The Switch with Jennifer Anniston and falling in love with her adorable if somewhat neurotic son in the movie. Besides, mothers have been choosing names from soap operas as long as they've been on tv; why not movies and lovely literature. Or (some may not like this reference) from the bible. People name their children after people in the bible often because they have admirable character traits the family hopes their child will emulate and have been doing so for many many many generations. In my opinion that is not any different from naming your child Atticus, or Hermione, or Lysander. The only difference one might point out is the popularity of a name like the biblical Sarah vs. Hermione for instance. Now both of these names were used before the bible and Harry potter respectively but these books brought these names to the forefront of baby namers' consciousness and perhaps just as Sarah has done, Hermione will distance itself from Harry potter as it becomes more popular (assuming it does so).

    Naming your child after an icon or hero who is a real person is an interesting one as well. I personally wouldn't choose to name a child Anniston or Monroe but I might choose Darwin or Tesla because in my opinion those people have done some amazing things that i would consider to be admirable. Some people may feel the same way about Monroe or Anniston. Really, it's a matter of opinion as is everything in regards to naming but there are names that I would consider to be off limits a la voldemort and sauron. But unless the person did something truly awful in popular culture (and at least some of the time that's redeemable see Delilah) people will likely move on from it.

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