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    In Praise of Virginia

    I am finding myself more and more drawn to Virginia and wonder what others feel.

    1. It is a real name and spelled correctly.
    2. It is in the less popular (second) half of the alphabet and so not over-used.
    3. As Nameberry points out, Elizabeth is very popular and Virginia quite under-represented.
    4. It is the traditional three syllable, -a ending female name that feels strong and womanly to many.
    5. It honors a powerful and independent woman, Queen Elizabeth 1.
    6. It offers wonderful nicknames ranging from Ginnie to Ginny to Ginia to Ginger to Nia to the raunchier Gin.
    7. It has a nice steely spine to it while also conjuring up images of rolling green pastures a la the state of Virginia.


    The "virgin" thing might not be the worst association. Better than a name suggestive of hookers (Brandy or Tiffany or Khloe).

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    Virginia is a lovely name that I hope you use. I know no girls with the name; it is uncommon but not unheard of. Virginia has the best nicknames, like Ginny, Gia, etc. Also, Virginia May, Virginia Anne, and so many other middle names sound beautiful with the name. Please use Virginia!
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    Okay, but a name isn't either virgin or hooker, you know? Obviously, if you feel that Tiffany is a hooker name, don't use it. But there are plenty of strong classics that a) don't have the word virgin in them and b) don't sound like vagina. Sorry!
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    but Virginia doesn't sound like vagina to me.

    I can see how it could to others. Certainly Regina sounds like vagina to me, which is too bad as I like the name otherwise.

    My point in mentioning the virgin association is that people do bring that up as negative against Virginia. I simply think it is not a bad association.

    Now, vagina, that's a pretty unpleasant association!

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    It's a nice name but I personally would not choose it because I would always associate it with the state but that shouldn't keep you from using it I also like the different nn possibilities.

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