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    Middle name for Delilah?

    I have Delilah on my list right now and I cannot come up with any middle names for her. I'd like something that honors my cousin-a nurse- that died unexpectedly three years ago or something that would honor or relate to my OH. George is the patron saint of soldiers as is Martin of Tours (which I find funny because OH is Martin) but I don't like any of George's feminine forms or Martina.
    I have no idea where to begin looking as none of the names I've come up with sound good with Delilah.
    So far I've had:

    Delilah Agatha (patron saint of nurses)
    Delilah Faith
    Delilah Leigh (too many L's)
    Delilah Antonia (OH's middle is Anthony)
    Delilah Angharad (I like the meaning of Angharad but is it too cumbersome?)
    Delilah Haf
    Delilah Camilla (too many L' s and same ending)

    I'm truly stumped. We only have one other name (Blaire Hyacinth) on "our" lists but our last name is similar to Becker and the aliteration in Blaire Becker bothers me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    I love your other name Blaire Hyacinth!

    From your list I like Delilah Agatha best.

    How about

    Delilah Catherine
    Delilah Alexis
    Delilah Johanna
    Delilah Agnes
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

    Averil - Caius - Casimir - Edmund - Ignatius - Benedict - Virgil - Raphael - Leopold - Clement - Caspar - Rainer - Romain - Ernest - Isidore - Wenceslaus - Balthasar - Peregrine - Gilbert - Cornelius - Augustine - Carlisle - Quentin - Severin - Castiel - Cyril

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    Delilah Hyacinth or Delilah Agatha *or Delilah Agatha Hyacinth (surname)

    Have you considered two middles? I personally love the look and sound of Delilah Hyacinth.

    Thelma means =one who nurses, Maybe Delilah Thelma or Delilah Thea, or Delilah Thelma Hyacinth?

    Do you like Delilah Camille? Different ending but close sibling name to Camilla.

    Delilah Marian/marion is pretty and Marion is very close to Martin.

    Blaire-instead of this maybe:

    Claire, Clara, Cambry, Cambria-- Delilah Cambria or Delilah Cambry

    Other ideas:

    Delilah Cassidy

    If you like Leigh, maybe a middle name like Haleigh, Coraleigh/ Coralie, or Codeigh(cody)

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    Thanks ladies!
    I like Delilah Catherine (if OH overlooks the "no ex's name" rule. All his exs seem to have good names), Delilah Camille and Delilah Cassidy. I like Thea a lot actually. I might have to see if it grows on me more.

    Keep the ideas coming.

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    I like Delilah Faith.
    I also like Delilah Cassidy

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