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    Red face thoughts on my baby name poll names

    Married my bestfriend 5/11
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Northern Germany
    Emeric Elias-James - why hyphenate the middle name, it's okay to only use one or no initial in semi-official papers (if that is the reason)
    Keats Oliver - it's kinda spunky, and while not my style it definitely works
    Kason Frost - very trendy, feels like it'd get lost in a sea of Masons
    Chandler Reese - nms, reminds me of Friends
    Porter William - I'd like the combo better if the names switched places but it's usable
    Parker Sage - nms
    Rupert Frost - cool, plus you don't hear Rupert very often, which is great
    Jensen Robert - also nice
    Leonidas Solomon - very heavy and long, something like Leonidas Frost / Sage would be a bit less "clunky"
    Solomon Calvary - same as above
    Bram Charles - cool, however I'd like a longer middle name for 1-syllable Bram
    Emile Robert - very nice!
    Theodore Ellis - love it
    Jefferson Hugh - nms
    Mordecai Joseph - nms but I like the simple middle name as the fn is unusual
    Emerson Kai - nms but I like Kai
    Henri Oliver - very sweet, but he would be "Henri with an i"
    Brighton Quinn - I don't care for the first name, Quinn is cute
    Leland Thomas - nice
    Arlo Keaton - nice
    Hadrian Alexander - nms


    Elora Paige - I feel like there are some letters missing in the fn, I'm not a fan of Paige either
    Alice Clementine - absolutely gorgeous
    Cordelia Aneta - if it's pronounced A-nee-tuh, I like Anita better, the combo is beautiful though
    Avery Juliet - love Juliet(te), Avery is nms
    Sharee Lynetta - don't care for either name
    Leanetta Claire- Leanetta looks made-up, Claire is adorable
    Harper Blythe - nice
    Mara Leanne - nice
    Delaina Albany - nms
    Fern Elizabetta - sweet combo (but I like Elisabetta better)
    Channary Rose - meh
    Livia Eden - sweet
    Ophelia Juniper - LOVE Ophelia, Juniper is not my style but flows well
    Lillian Genevieve - sweet but I prefer Lilia
    Lillia Melrose - would love Lilia Genevieve
    Linley Charlotte - first name is nms, Charlotte is beautiful
    Geneva Ottoline - sweet
    Luella Brianne - nms
    Zoree Helen - nms
    Delora Renee - meh
    Hartley JoAnne - meh
    Susan Margaret - meh
    Jayna Mairi - meh
    Edith Claire - very nice
    Emelie Olive - sounds a bit repetitive
    Alina Lark - okay
    Olivia Inez - nice
    Georgia Kate - nms
    Georgia Wynter - prefer Georgia Kate
    Nora Alive - as in "alive" the word? Nora is very sweet
    Sylvia Beatrice - a bit too serious for me
    Bronte Alise - okay
    Magnolia Pearl - okay
    Bardot Elizabella - meh

    Single names:
    Eliava - how do you pronounce this name
    Macon(B) - reminds me of Bacon but it works
    Indy(B) - reminds me of Indiana Jones
    Avia - sweet
    Ave - Maria or Avenue? Just Kidding, it's nms but works
    Maeryn - no
    Neve - sweet
    Kaya - nms
    Dacia - isn't there a car brand called that?
    Lucia - depends how you pronounce it
    Davina - nms but sweet

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    Emeric Elias-James - I think it works. I'm not a fan of Emeric, though
    Keats Oliver - Nope. Keats sounds like a sound effect
    Kason Frost - I like this. Robert Frost is one of my favorites, so I'll always like the mn Frost
    Chandler Reese - I prefer Rhys, but this combo works well.
    Porter William - Porter is definitely nms. It reminds me of port-a-potty
    Parker Sage - Love. I actually know brothers named Parker and Sage
    Rupert Frost - Rupert is nms, although I do love BTVS so Rupert is a positive association for me lol
    Jensen Robert - I don't like Jensen
    Leonidas Solomon - This reminds me of a badass old black man in a beret who smokes cigars and plays poker.
    Solomon Calvary - Same black man, only he's playing the guitar and drinking whiskey instead of playing poker.
    Bram Charles - I hate Bram
    Emile Robert - I always mistake Emile for Emilie.
    Theodore Ellis _ Theodore is such a sweet name, but it always feels very dated to me
    Jefferson Hugh - I don't like either
    Mordecai Joseph - Mordecai just sounds like a mortician.
    Emerson Kai - Love.
    Henri Oliver - On-ree? I very much favor Henry.
    Brighton Quinn - I would probably associate this with a girl, tbh
    Leland Thomas - Like
    Arlo Keaton - VERY negative association with the name Arlo.
    Hadrian Alexander - I kin dof like it. But at the same time it's just Adrian with an H.


    Elora Paige - I don't like the name Paige at all. But this combo is nice.
    Alice Clementine - Hate Clementine. I think it's such an ugly phlem
    Cordelia Aneta - Just meh
    Avery Juliet _ I really like this one
    Sharee Lynetta - Don't like it. If it's pronounced the way I think, I prefer Cherie to Sharee
    Leanetta Claire - Nope
    Harper Blythe - Not a fan of Harper. It's a really common surname in my area.
    Mara Leanne - I like this one.
    Delaina Albany - Surprisingly sweet. I usually don't like "Del" names, but this combo is nice
    Fern Elizabetta - Hate Fern. Ick
    Channary Rose - I wouldn't even know how to pronounce Channary. It kind of sounds like a sneeze
    Livia Eden - LOVE this one
    Ophelia Juniper - Love this too!
    Lillian Genevieve - x3
    Lillia Melrose - I hate Melrose Ave, so I would never like that as a name. Lilia is amazing, though
    Linley Charlotte - Back to LOVE
    Geneva Ottoline - I kind of like it because it's got a really modern old lady feel to it, but something about Geneva is
    Luella Brianne - Hate Luella
    Zoree Helen - I don't think Zoree is a name
    Delora Renee - Nah
    Hartley JoAnne - Nope
    Susan Margaret - Nope
    Jayna Mairi - I like Jayda more than Jayna
    Edith Claire - Don't like's too old lady
    Emelie Olive - Love Emelie, hate Olive. Emelie Olivia is nice, though.
    Alina Lark - Like
    Olivia Inez - Inez is fascinating. I like this one
    Georgia Kate - Don't like either
    Georgia Wynter - Nope
    Nora Alive - Alive? That sounds odd to me
    Sylvia Beatrice - Another old lady name. I think SylviE would give it a more modern feel
    Bronte Alise - I hate hate hate B names on girls, but this does have a certain spark to it...
    Magnolia Pearl - Nope
    Bardot Elizabella - I hate the name Elizabella. Pick Elizabeth or Isabella, I don't like them mashed. Bardot is interesting, though!

    Single names:
    Eliava - Adorable. It's on my list
    Macon(B) - Character from How To Deal. I love it
    Indy(B) - It makes me think of Indianapolis Colts...not a fan
    Avia - So sweet
    Ave - Definitely reminds me of Ave Maria, but I think it's beautiful
    Maeryn - Mae-rhine? Mehr-in? May-rinn? I don't like it
    Neve - Negative association for me (Neve Campbell = Scream movies)
    Kaya - I prefer Caia
    Dacia - Negative association. The only Dacia I know is horrible
    Lucia - Pretty
    Davina - I don't like it. I don't like the name David, either, though

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    Wow, that's quite a list!

    My favourites:
    Emeric Elias-James - although I would drop the hyphen, two middles is perfectly fine
    Keats Oliver
    Chandler Reese
    Porter William
    Rupert Frost
    Solomon Calvary - very interesting combo!
    Bram Charles
    Emile Robert
    Theodore Ellis
    Mordecai Joseph
    Henri Oliver - love Henri (ohn-ree)! maybe Henry Oliver or Henri Olivier might fit better tho
    Hadrian Alexander

    Alice Clementine
    Cordelia Aneta - maybe Annette or Anita instead?
    Harper Blythe
    Fern Elizabetta - Elizabetta? Gorgeous!
    Livia Eden
    Ophelia Juniper
    Lillian Genevieve
    Geneva Ottoline
    Susan Margaret
    Edith Claire
    Emelie Olive - Emilie, Amelie or Emily, Emelie just seems jumbled
    Olivia Inez
    Georgia Kate
    Nora Alive - Alive?? Olive maybe? or Alivia? Alive is a tad bizarre for a name, imo
    Sylvia Beatrice - Beautiful!
    Bronte Alise
    Magnolia Pearl - ditto
    Bardot Elizabella

    Macon(B) - I want to love this but it just always makes me think of bacon
    Indy(B) - as a nn for Indio, Indigo, Indiana
    Avia - Aria and Ava are lovely?
    Neve - spelt the Irish Niamh, yes!
    Kaya - prefer spelt Kaia

    Overall I would say I can definitely see these on real people! Lots of the combos are beautiful, you have a lovely list
    under construction

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