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Thread: Lakely

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    What do you think of Lakely, Berries? What impression do you get? What gender would you use it for? Personal thoughts & opinions, please!

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    1. I don't like it, it sounds made up.

    2. I think of the word 'lately' and then I do a double take because that's not what it says.

    3. Neither. I don't like word names and this isn't even a real word : /

    Sorry : /

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    Honestly, I don't like it. It sounds made-up to me, and it sounds like a mashup of the name "Blake Lively."
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    Yeah, I'm not a fan either-- I would do either Lake or Lively, not both. You could do Chelsea (for Lately)!

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    Sounds like Lately, then Likely with an accent. Laken/Lakyn is OK for a boy
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