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    Surnames For Vampire Hunters!

    I need help finding surnames for a group of vampire hunters, they're high schoolers.

    The names of the vampiresses they will fight are Bryn Ivanovich and Mathilda Cromwell!

    Their names are:

    Adam- I want something German or Nothern Eurpoean
    Anne-Marie- I want something French
    Catalina- Either something Hispanic or European
    Soren- Somthing delicate or fanciful
    Vincent- Somthing strange and out there

    Thank you for your help!

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    Adam: Brachman, Damaske, Goslar, Hintermeier, Olinger
    Anne-Marie: Amélineau, Clemenceau, Halard, Tanlay, Zabelle
    Catalina: Claudio, De Brito, Pereira, Sa Pinto, Sampaio
    Soren: Neilson, Poulson, Strafford, Kingsley, Ashworth
    Vincent: Grix, Apple, Palfreyman, Goldfinch, Bird

    Quick question: I'm assuming that Bryn Ivanovich is a girl. But if she is a girl, why is her middle name Ivanovich? That is a Russian patronymic name, meaning "son of Ivan". If she were Russian (which Bryn doesn't suggest) than her name would be Bryn Ivanovna. Why Ivanovich?

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