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    I’m back!

    Okay, I have a moment to look at the combos you already have.

    Remember my hangup with vowel-ending names being next to vowel-beginning names? Yeah, you have a lot of that going on here, so I don’t love these combos very much. :-( I did spot Ondine and Olwen making the leap from the names you suggested for me! Would you consider Circe Tinuviel Ondine? I like that a lot. Some thing for Circe Tinuviel Eimyrja - though if Tinuviel NEEDS to stay in third spot, I think Circe Eimyrja Tinuviel is the best of the vowel-to-vowel combinations.

    Also I think Lilje is a great “tweak” for your Lily combo. It feels very Scandinavian. Or if you’re looking for a “normal name” then I think Lily would be a pretty fantastic option, it looks gorgeous with the other names, and I think Tinuviel manages to balance the similar sounds of Circe and Lily. The song makes for a nice additional layer of meaning, since you like it so much that seems important.

    I’m afraid I just plain don’t care for Ophelia with Circe and Tinuviel. C and T are utterly light delicate strength, and Ophelia…just isn’t quite right for some reason. Too much frill, maybe? Too heavy?

    Circe Gersemi Tinuviel is very cute, but it sounds…cute. I think it’s not quite right.

    A couple of Scandinavian names I found:

    Circe Benedikte Tinuviel (Norwegian form of Benedict "blessed”), which is attractive but maybe laced a bit too tightly.

    Circe Brytteva Tinuviel (bright/shining + to give) - I like the V’s in both middles here, and I think the meaning is cool considering your imagery for Circe.

    Circe Kolbjørg Tinuviel (black/dark + save/stronghold/castle)

    Mama to C, Z, E, P, D, G & Agent 007

    Looks like it's a girl!

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    I just have to add this! Lykke is making its way as a Norwegian name, and I think Circe Tinúviel Lykke (Circe Lykke Tinúviel? Flow isn't my thing) is to die for. (If you pronounce it the Norwegian way of course, sur-see lykk-ee isn't the bestest of sounds). The meaning is great, it's Scandinavian and oh, my loooooord, the image. My heart might just beat its way out of my chest.

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    Yep I say she's practically finished and filed away already! My heart jumps for joy to see Nuvi in anything, so really the first middle is just icing on the cake of a beautifully perfect combo. My top 2 would be your original pairing and Sessh's fantastic new suggestion, if you choose to add that to the list. =]

    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel- I like Ophelia, I don't love Ophelia, but I know you love her and she sounds divine
    Circe Lilja Tinuviel- A great namesake, a lovely flower, and this new spelling is a perfect nod to your heritage
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    Circe Lilje Tunuviel
    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel
    Circe Eimyrja Tinuviel/ Tinuviel Eimyrja

    Nothing to add at the moment because these three are unimpeachable. Where do you find your child photographs? That girl with the cat makes me happy.

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    As basically everyone else, I'm full aboard the Circe Ophelia Tinúviel team. It flows, it's a ravishing combination, the names are so beautiful, what's there more to want?

    And some suggestion:
    Circe Aviaaja Tinúviel
    Circe Briseis Tinúviel
    Circe Eira Tinúviel
    Circe Ellisif Tinúviel
    Circe Elva Tinúviel
    Circe Eostre Tinúviel
    Circe Frigga Tinúviel
    Circe Frøydis Tinúviel (Frøydis meaning "sister")
    Circe Idunn Tinúviel
    Circe Iselin Tinúviel
    Circe Ivalo Tinúviel
    Circe Nerthus Tinúviel
    Circe Ostara Tinúviel
    Circe Regitze Tinúviel (pronunciation of Regitze)
    Circe Sibilja Tinúviel
    Circe Sifa Tinúviel
    Circe Sigrid Tinúviel (or Circe Tinúviel Sigrid)
    Circe Sølva Tinúviel
    Circe Tinúviel Elise
    Circe Tinúviel Lærke (Danish for "lark")
    Circe Tinúviel Noor
    Circe Tinúviel Rǫskva/Røskva
    Circe Tinúviel Veslemøy (this is such a stretch but I absolutely adore Veslemøy, it's so adorable)
    Circe Valdís Tinúviel

    And I love the suggestions of:
    Circe Dagmar Tinúviel
    Circe Eimyrja Tinúviel
    Circe Ingrid Tinúviel (was gonna suggest this myself actually)
    Circe Lilje Tinúviel (or Circe Tinúviel Lilje depending on how you pronounce Lilje)
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