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    Ah yes, I did get four hours of sleep and then went back to work for 9ish hours. (Nothing that didn’t resemble a normal Monday/Tuesday all summer). So honestly my brains not much better today than yesterday but.

    I really like these: (in this order) from your current combos.
    Circe Tinuviel Iselilja
    Circe Eimyrja Tinuviel
    Circe Ostara Tinuviel
    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel
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    Hello, love. I havent been on nameberry in awhile. I see the search is still on. I too love Circe Ophelia Tinuviel. Its beautiful. Circe has always been one of my favorites from your list, and as always, I love your imagery. She's beautiful, breathtaking, and free-spirited. Full of wonder and curiousity for the vast world around her. She's a daydreamer, and a wanderer. The little girl that leans too far over a pier or a side rail to get a closer look at the water. She's crafty and creative, and loves to draw, and paint. She cloud watches, and basks in the summer sun. In the fall, she jumps through leave piles, and sips hot tea. She makes snow angels in the winter, and catches snowflakes on her tongue. She makes snowmen and has snowball fights. She drinks hot chocolate and helps put up the christmas lights, accidentally tangling herself up in them as she works. Some other middle name suggestions; Circe Dagny Tinuviel/ Circe Tinuviel Dagny Circe Tinuviel Freyja Circe Brynja Tinuviel Circe Tinuviel Anwen Circe Tinuviel Carys Circe Eirlys Tinuviel; I love this. So frosty and sparkly. Circe Anais Tinuviel Circe Tinuviel Aurore/ Circe Aurore Tinuviel Circe Viatrix Tinuviel Circe Tinuviel Celeste Circe
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    Suffix -mar = personification of nightmares?? And Dag- is masculine? Awwww. What a doozy to have suggested. I'm sorry. Also sorry the other Norwegian/Danish names I picked up were utter flops. Did I say Ondine instead of Odine? Sorry about that was a typo. For what it's worth, I think Circe Tinuviel Ophelia sounds much more epic than Circe Ophelia Tinuviel, and it's not just because of my vowel-hang-up issue. I think Ophelia and Circe might need some space to "breathe" and Nuvi gives them some ethereal, woodsy room to shine.

    Of your revised list, cool meanings on your new Norwegian options. My Top 5 favorites are:

    Circe Idunn Tinuviel (again to love) - for meaning, this one is my FAVORITE. I can't really comment on flow/sound though because I don't really know how to pronounce it. But the meaning is super awesome.

    Circe Tinuviel Iselilja (Iselilja is a smoosh name, of Iselin "vision/dream" and lily. Vision of a lily?) - If you want a lily name, I think this is it...and "vision of a lily" is more like your song too. And, okay, yeah I probably do like it because it's an I least I'm consistent, right?

    Circe Eimyrja Tinuviel - this one sounds pretty and looks pretty, and I like the "embers" part of it.

    Circe Tinuviel Ophelia - actually does gain this ranking with me, if you swap Nuvi and Ophelia.

    Circe Tinuviel Sigrid (beautiful victory) - the repeating S sounds here are attractive and the meaning is nice.

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    Something I just thought of: If you really want to honor your heritage with this combo, you could change the spelling of Ophelia to Ofelia, since St. Ofelia was a Danish saint. But the Ophelia in Hamlet is also Danish, so I suppose either spelling would work for honoring your Danish heritage. (And Ophelia's prettier, anyway!) Just thought I would throw the suggestion out anyway.
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    Circe Lilje Tinuviel
    Circe Tinuviel Hermione
    Circe Aurora Tinuviel or Tinuviel Aurora?
    Circe Tinuviel Atalanta
    Circe Tinuviel Astrid
    Circe Freyja Tinuviel
    Circe Tinuviel Thea/Thalia
    Circe Tinuviel Sonja
    Circe Lucia Tinuviel

    I do LOVE the suggestion of Circe Idunn Tinuviel.
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