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    To Encircle Circe with Magic

    We'll skip on over to Circe and let time work it's magic with Bellatrix. Circe is probably going to be the least complicated as we only need one middle for this one. Tinuviel is a must for Circe, they compliment each other perfectly. To me Circe's the sweetest of names, I adore the namesake and know she's seen as a dark and evil sorceress by some, but I always loved her and admired her traits, and I see a Circe embody them: undying love, compassion, protectiveness, self respect, cleverness, imagination and beauty*.

    Circe: A forest girl in the starry twilight. She's carrying candles, collecting twigs and pebbles, she wants to make a faerie circle and pray the old fashioned way. Hands all over the ground, touching everything. Circe's harp music, the lyre and the lute. She's very true to herself, she lives and loves the way she wants to, unafraid but with a graceful fragility. A quiet romantic, a dreamer, a lover. I imagine a child quietly playing with her toys, combing the mane of her retro My Little Ponies, someone nurturing. Green fingers, someone gentle and caring for all life, someone carefully picking the flowers making sure not to uproot them. She'd be a vegan, a lover of trees and natural beauty. A painter, perhaps, or a dancer. Unaffected. I see the lover and the lover only. Someone who seeks solitude, someone who loves being by herself but for the lover. I think she'd be the kind of girl who still crawls into bed with her mother even when she's grown, unafraid and knowing what she wants. Someone with a deep sense of her own being and importance. A dark sense of humour, an endless pool of knowledge about things you'd never think to know about.

    Someone like these maybe: one - two - three - four - five


    I have a few combos I like (and the *new* name's meaning).
    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel (succor)
    Circe Olwen Tinuviel (white tracks)
    Circe Odine Tinuviel (poetic inspiration)
    Circe Eimyrja Tinuviel (embers)
    Circe Gersemi Tinuviel (treasure (as in most beloved))
    Circe Lily Tinuviel - because Circe makes me think of Bat for Lashes' Lilies song

    I don't want Tolkien or Greek names as I've already got those. I'd LOVE a Norwegian, Danish or Norse name in there, possibly Hewbrew/Yiddish or Russian. Or French, or maybe even Manx. I want something from my side of the family tree, so nothing Cornish, Czech, Macedonian, Finnish or Polish.

    *when I say beauty it's not limited to physical beauty; I mean a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart, beautiful kindness and compassion. A beautiful human being goes way beyond the physical, beauty and prettiness are not the same and beauty is an elevated state, in my opinion.
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    My favourite is Circe Ophelia Tinuviel. The ones I don't like are Gersemi and Lily because they have the same "ee" ending as Circe, which sounds repetitive, and Eimyrja, which starts with the same letter Circe ends with, so they run on. Sorry, but those things bother me! The first three are all good!
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    Hmmm I agree with Sarahmezz on this one...
    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel- divine! And I'm so glad Nuvi is getting in there somewhere... I do so very much love her! There's something grounding but still magical about Ophelia that balances Circe and Nuvi.

    Circe Odine Tinuviel- lovely
    Circe Olwen Tinuviel- my next favorite after Ophelia

    The hubs is at work, so I'll be back with his weigh-in. Hehe. I think he wants to see what name this bunny ends up with more than I do!

    And thank you for your kind words
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    Honestly, I think Circe Ophelia Tinuviel is a winner...mythology, Shakespeare and Tolkein...and I've always seen Ophelia much as you describe Circe. Ophelia is all spider silk, gossamer-fragile and yet far stronger than she looks. She's profoundly empathic, so much so that she couldn't shut out the feelings of others if she tried. She's sensitive, intuitive, compassionate...even the name means "help." She's got a feeling of insubstantiality about her, of fragility, not because she isn't strong, but because she's a Seer, one of those people who walks between worlds, with one foot in each, so she's never fully present in either. I'm rambling now, but you know I have mad love for Ophelia, and there is no more perfect home for her than between Circe's imagination and Tinuviel's breathless starlight.

    I do also love Circe Olwen Tinuviel for the white footprints story, and while I'm not a fan of "just Lily", why not Circe Lilje Tinuviel? Didn't you say Lilje is Norwegian for lily? Or am I just making that up? At any rate, I know Lilje does mean lily, and it removes the double "ee" endings that Sarah was talking about.
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    Circe Ophelia Tinuviel is perfection -- so much so that I don't think you really need any other suggestions. But I'll try to think of a few.

    Circe Svetlana Tinuviel
    Circe Liliya Tinuviel (I also second Sessha's suggestion of Lilje, but I like the look of the Russian Liliya a tad more)
    Circe Natasha Tinuviel
    Circe Viktoria Tinuviel (Since it seems Victoria is out of the running for the Bellatrix combo)
    Circe Ayelet Tinuviel (Eh, the Ts bump together, but I still like it.)
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