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    Eulalia/Eulalie...following on from my previous post...I'm so seduced by this name :)

    So now I've established pronunciation I feel even more seduced by Eulalia and Eulalie and wnat to know more and get peoples honest opinions. Do you think the name is usable in English speaking countries??.Its beautiful for sure but I'm wondering if it would be one of those unfamiliar names that you have to spell out everytime you give your name to someone. A few other questions I have regarding the name aside from peoples general response:

    It sounds incredible with a spanish or french accent but do you think its very difficult for English speakers to pronounce... ?

    Which version do you prefer? Eulalia, Eulalie, Olaia...or do you know of any others?

    Which nn might you use in English spekaing countries laia, lalia, lila?..I've got a thing for lulu, lilou, you think these may work or just too confusing?!

    Finally which middles might compliment Eulalia/Eulalie
    Eulalia/Eulalie Plum is one that just popped into my head and sounds adorable to me any other suggestions?
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    I prefer Eulalie. It's a very pretty name, just sounds a little much like Ukelele to me.

    Eulalie Plum is gorgous. Eulalie Snow would also be very pretty.
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    I love love love Eulalia (in Spanish). I'm Canadian but I've lived in Spain and the Basque Country, and have a family full of Anglophones... Eulalia is one of those names I know will be complicated in English (especially in the pronunciation I'd use), but honestly, I seriously love it so much I'd use it anyway.
    I definitely prefer Eulalia, but I'm also partial to Olaia. I like Olalla and Olaya, too, but I've seen Olalla get misspelled a lot in English as Ollala, and I'm sure most English-speakers would pronounce Olaya as "o-LAY-a" (actually, I took a poll and the overwhelming though for Olaia in English is o-LAY-a, too )
    Some other Basque versions are: Eulali (ehu-LA-lee), Eulari (ehu-LA-ree, the R is flapped), and Eulale (ehu-LA-lay). These 3 really aren't used, though.
    Laia is accepted as a name in its own right now, too.
    I wouldn't personally use a nickname. I don't like any of them nearly as much as the whole name. If she (a hypothetical daughter named Eulalia) wanted to go by a nickname, or if her friends shortened it, that's cool with me, I just wouldn't use it at home unless she told me to quit it with her full name, haha. I do think Lalia is pretty, though. Actually, I could see myself using that. It also takes off the difficult EU sound from Spanish-> English.
    Eulalia Leire is my combo if choice. I've gotten really, really good feedback on it, which surprises me because it's not like Leire is uncomplicated either.

    Eulalia Blythe
    Eulalia Frances
    Eulalia June
    Eulalia/ Eulalie Mireille
    Eulalie Mathilde
    Eulalie Sabina

    ETA: Eulària is a Catalan form, too, but also not used. I like it a lot, though.
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    this thread is slightly old, but i wanted to chime in because I can't get this name out of my head. I stumbled over it in a random list of names and loved the melodic & whimsical aspects of it. other message boards I have frequented haven't been as kind to the name (likening it to ukulele and eulogy and not being able to get passed that) so i am just so happy to find other people who love it as much as i do! I'm almost convinced that if i have a daughter this will be her name....still working on my husband as he hasn't come out to say if he likes it or not... as far as our choice in middle name his grandmother's first name was Marie so I was leaning towards Eulalie (You-Lay-Lee) Marie // it has a nice rhythm ...or perhaps Eulalie Mae, but I love Eulalie Plum!

    will Eulalie have siblings?
    have you paired names with her?

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    Please don't use Lalia as a nickname, it sounds and looks like Labia at first glance. I think if you must use a nickname for Eulalie/Eulalia, Lia works well.

    That said, I LOVE the name. Either version is beautiful. Melodic and lovely. Eulalie Plum is divine.
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