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    Red face 2 vs 2

    So I am having a second miracle baby after 21 years... the greatest news is that she's going to be a baby girl! I'm very excited!!

    Now the issue is that my husband and 21 year old son dislike every single one of my goddaughter and my suggestions when it comes to middle names... so you have me and my poor 20yr old Caroline thinking of all types of names and they keep throwing tantrums like the little boys they are..

    My son thought it would be a great idea that baby girl has his Iinitials and all 4 of us agreed.
    His name is Viraphaun( vee-rahh-pawn) Rocky and our last name starts with an L. So it's VRL....

    We decided baby's 1st name to be Virasone(vee-rahh-sun) which is a mixture of both her daddy and big brother's name...

    But Caroline and I really really really need help with the middle name.. something pretty, soft, unique!

    Any help will be soo sweetly appreciated!

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    Virasone ____ L....

    Virasone Robin (the bird)(bright fame)

    Virasone Rachel (I believe this means lamb)

    Virasone Rachelle or Rochelle

    Virasone Renee (reborn)

    Virasone Ruby (precious red stone)

    Virasone Ruth (compassionate friend)

    Virasone Riley (courageous)

    Virasone Rosalie (rose flower)

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    Congratulations on your little girl!

    A few thoughts of mine:
    Is Caroline your daughter? And may I ask what your husband's / boyfriend's name is?
    Also while you seem pretty set on her first name, I find it very, very, very close to her brothers name.
    If you'd introduce them to me, without me seeing them, I'd think you had twins whom you gave very matching names.
    I also find the "r" in Virasone very present, so Virasone R. feels a bit repetitive.

    I don't have any suggestions myself but like AshleyJuliette's of Ruby & Rosalie!

    Rose Lavinia Charlotte & Hugo Frederick Arthur

    Jane Henrietta ‧ Edith ‧ Alice Cordelia Margot ‧ Flora ‧ Emma Rosalind
    Edmund ‧ Arthur ‧ Theodore ‧ Henry ‧ Frederick

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    Congrats on your baby girl! And @opheliaflora, if I'm not mistaken, it seems like Caroline is the goddaughter?

    Virasone is very very close to her brother. Does your son have a nickname he goes by? Just wondering since if people shorten his name, they may shorten your daughters name to the same thing.
    But, here are some feminine middle name suggestions!

    Virasone Rosalie (as suggested by ashleyjuliette! gorgeous! no more repeats I promise haha)
    Virasone Rose
    Virasone Rae
    Virasone Rain
    Virasone Riana
    Virasone Romily
    Virasone Rowen
    Virasone Rowena
    Virasone Rosabelle
    Virasone Rosalind
    Virasone Rosemary
    Virasone Rosalyn/Rosaline
    Virasone River
    Virasone Raven
    Virasone Ramona
    Virasone Renata

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