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    Always go with your favorite! I caved on a name once (as I should have to make my hubby happy) and I still regret the name.

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    I say go for Rosabel. It's lovely! And there are already SO many Charlottes. I am not a fan of Harriet personally. Out of all three, Rosabel seems by far the loveliest, most independent choice.

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    Don't let your family pressure you into choosing a different name. If it sounds right and you and your hubby love it, use it! Your family can always call her the adorable nickname Rosie if they don't like Rosabel.
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    I. Love. Rosabel.

    It's so beautiful to me. She could go by Rose, Rosie, Rosa, Belle or Bella too. I just wish my husband shared my opinions about Rosabel, because to me it is absolutely stunning.

    Coming from a situation where my husband and I don't agree on any names (particularly girls names), I would encourage anyone to snatch up a name that they agree on with their significant other. That's the whole battle for me anyways

    Your family and friends will fall in love with your little one, and by extension her name. Don't fret too much about others opinions, it's yours and your husbands that matters!

    Good luck!
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    Just an FYI - Charlotte is definitely getting popular. My daughter has two little Charlottes in her preschool class and I've heard of a ton more through friends and friends of friends. Don't get me wrong - it's a lovely name - but I find it strange that some of the people's reasoning to be against Rosabel was that it sounded popular. I guess Rose names are starting to make a comeback on naming sites such as these, but I don't see that translating into the real world except in the form of Rose as a middle name. Yes, the Bel/Belle ending is rather popular but I don't think either of these things make the full name of Rosabel sound popular. Charlotte is definitely WAY more popular.

    My dad did not like our choice for our daughter's name at all. Well, he loves her and the name now because of what it represents - his granddaughter. I have a good friend who named her son something that I LOATHE (very trendy and somewhat tacky), but does that stop me from thinking he's the cutest, sweetest little boy ever? Absolutely not!

    You have to go with your gut. Don't get swayed by others because you will regret it later. No one is going to love your little girl any less if they aren't thrilled with the name and quite honestly, most will come around to loving the name too simply because it's her.

    Rosabel Charlotte is a beautiful name.
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