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    I think Rosabel is lovely! Will you pronounce it Roz-a-bell or Rose-a-bell? I think go with it! It's not outlandish or made-up sounding, so I can't see any problems! You don't want to regret caving on something this important :-)

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    Use Rosabel if you love it.
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    Family can be the hardest. I'm already dreading when I have to tell them the names we've chosen. Rosabel isn't my cup of tea, but it's not a bad name. I firmly believe there are times when you need to listen to others... like when a name might have a sexual connotation or doesn't go with your surname at all... or is just sooooo easy to make fun of. Rosabel doesn't fit into any of those categories. Rose/ Rosa are quite common, as are -bel/-belle endings. It's not like she'll stick out due to an unfortunate name... I'd go for it. I think you'll regret it if you cave in.
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    Thanks all! Think we should stick to our guns, but everyone has influenced me now & maybe starting to consider Lottie & Charlotte again. Oh well, have a bit of time to decide.. But thanks for all your help

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    Personally, I love Lottie, it's gorgeous, but if Rosabel is your favourite, then go with it - although I do think Lottie Rosabel is quite sweet.

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