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    Help can't decide on a girl's name! My favourite or everyone else's favourite?

    I'm really stuck on a girl's name. Mine & hubbie's favourite is Rosabel, has been for quite a few years. But 99% of people pull a face when I say that, they say it's too frilly, sounds common, chavy, etc. The other names I like are Charlotte (but we would call her Lottie) or Harriet. All our family & friends seem to much prefer these options. Should we go with our heart even if its disliked? Or go for a more popular option that we still like? Not sure what I'll regret more. Just interested to know if anyone else let family & friends sway them at all? Btw we already have 1 son called Isaac & seem to find boy's names much easier.Thanks

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    Rosabel is a lovely name and you should definitely go for it as it's both your and hubbies' favourite. Don't be swayed by what others think. Once it's attached to your cute newborn baby they'll soon see the person rather than the name and it will soon have positive associations.

    That's what happened with me and my niece, I disliked her name when I first heard it, and openly told my sister so! I'm glad she didn't listen to me and went with the name she liked anyway, as now I love my little niece so much, I love her name too, it suits her and I can't imagine her named anything else.
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    It doesn't sound chavy to me, although it isn't my cup of tea. I'd prefer Rosalie or Rosalind, but there's nothing wrong with it. Its just a normal reaction from people when they hear a name they aren't familiar with.

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    Go with what you and your husband love. If Rosabel feels right, then use it. It is a perfectly fine name.

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    It's a pretty name. But I'd spell it Rosabelle. But don't listen to me. Follow your heart. It's your child. If your heart sings with love when you choose a name (and it won't get your child bullied at school or in the workplace), stick with it!

    However, I do love Charlotte too. Maybe you can add both names (as first & middle names) and your child can choose which name she prefers to be known as in future.
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