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    Alliterative Middle Names

    We are expecting in June and don't know what we are having, but we have narrowed down to a good short list of names for a girl. The thing is that we love alliterative names and names with assonance and need some more middle name suggestions.

    Seraphina (mn: Scarlett...)
    Evangeline (mn: Elodie...)
    Anastasia (mn: Angeline, Analiese...)

    I would love some more mn suggestions that are alliterative (or have assonance for the vowel names) and fit the naming style that the other names exemplify. Our last name is one syllable, so we want names with two or more syllables.

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    I love Seraphina Scarlett and Evangeline Elodie. Although aliterative, the names are distinct enough to work together. I don't care for your A combos though, because they all start with An, and Analiese even shares Ana with Anastasia. That being said, here are some more ideas for middle names.

    Seraphina Sage, Seraphina Skye, Seraphina Summer, Seraphina Sylvie, Seraphina Selene, Seraphina Solene

    Evangeline Ever, Evangeline Eloise, Evangeline Emma, Evangeline Echo, Evangeline Elle, Evangeline Everly, Evangeline Emily, Evangeline Edith, Evangeline Eira

    Anastasia Ariel, Anastasia Arielle, Anastasia Autumn, Anastasia Avery, Anastasia August, Anastasia Adelaide, Anastasia Avalon, Anastasia Adeline

    Best of luck! I love all three of your first names!

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    Seraphina Savannah, or Seraphina Celine.
    Evangeline Eleni (my middle name!) (EL-ehn-ee or elaine-y), Evangeline Elaine,
    Anastasia Aurelia

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