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    A sibling for Lilianna

    Hi all! I am expecting my second in June and we are working on creating our short lists for boys and girls. We generally do have a short list for the girls, but could use some more mn suggestions. For boys, our short list is a little long and we don't have any middle name choices.

    Our DD is Lilianna Lareese (Lareese is a family name) and one of the things we love about her name is that it is alliterative and would like this one to have an alliterative name too. So, now on with the names.


    Seraphina (possibly Seraphina Scarlett)
    Evangeline (possibly Evangeline Elodie)
    Anastasia (possibly Anastasia Angeline)

    That list is fairly set, but we could use more alliterative middle name suggestions. Our last name is one syllable, so longer names are fine.


    Peregrine (not sure how well it travels the Atlantic, but we like it)

    What are your favorite 3 of those names and that sound the nicest with Lilianna? Also, we have no middle name options for these. I want to be alliterative, but it might be harder with the boys.

    If you have any other name suggestions that fit with the styles above, feel free to share them although I will forewarn you that DH has nixed far too many names to count!

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    I like Evangeline and Anastasia (fyi, only consonants can be alliterative; repeated vowel sounds have assonance). Repeated vowels are much less annoying than consonants, and they're lovely names!

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    Yes, we like names that are either alliterative or have assonance. But I figured everyone would get what I meant. Any middle name suggestions?

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    Hi! Lilianna is sweet (my first thought for a sister was Clarabelle) but I think Evangeline is great too. Actually all of your names are nice! A few combos... for fun...

    Vincent or Victor MN - Vaughn

    Alistair MN - Ace - Anthony - Augustus

    Kristoff MN - Knox - Kingsley - Keith

    Caspian MN - Christopher - Carl - Conrad - Cruz - Curtis

    Theodore MN - Thurmon - Thurston - Thatcher

    Peregrine MN - Pierce - Patrick - Paul

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    I like Theodore Thatcher! I'll add

    Theodore Nathaniel (not alliterative but does repeat the sound).
    Alistair Amias
    Alistair Ansel
    Allistair Augustin
    Allistair Archibald

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