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    my first post!! hi berries!! let me know what you think of our names!!:::

    our names are Aston and Dannah... right now he is leaning towards an Aston Jr ... i think he has the coolest name ever but im afraid our son would end up being a "Jr"... BUT Aston doesnt have a middle name so im thinking if we went w/ Aston we would give him the middle name of Michael ( after his grandfather) and use that to differentuate: Aston (hubby) and Aston Michael.... instead of "Jr"... thoughts?!

    next on our list is: Michael Aston V.(3 syll last name) NN: "Mav" is REALLY growing on me... this gives him a traditional name to grow w/ and a unique name to go by... WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

    okay here is the girls:

    Ava Anne is hubbys top pick but apparently its the worlds most common name... i want my daughter to have a unique name like mine but i love Ava too so we'll see!

    Maren Irene/Valerie/Rose : means " of the sea" w/ a family middle name

    Gemmah Anne ... love that Gemmah is similar to my name "Dannah" without rhyming...

    what do you think of these so far?!?!

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    I don't care for Juniors. I think children should be given a name of their own. Have you considered using Aston Michael or Michael Aston as two middle names and choosing something else for a first name? Ava is pretty but extremely overused so she may not be the only one in her classroon. Why the unnecessary "h" at the end of Gemma? Of all three, my favourite is Maren with Rose, Valerie and Irene as mn's in that order.
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    I like your idea of Ava, but I can see the problem with it being too popular. But as a Dane, Maren reminds of Maren Malkeko (Milking cow), so I don't share the same love for the name.
    I love the idea of Gemmah!
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    Ava-Rose would be a lovely option for a first name. I love Michael Aston (Mav)!

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    Michael Aston with a nn of Mav is really cute.
    I like Maren, but I prefer it spelled Marin. I also love Gemmah, but much prefer the spelling Gemma.

    Best of luck!
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