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    Wow - look at how many INFJs there are - is there a correlation between being INFJ and a name nerd I wonder?!!! ;-)
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    I'm INTP.
    (Well, from some of those free online tests I've gotten INTJ, INFP, and even ISTP results as well a few times, but a friend of mine assessed me as INTP and the description she gave of it fit me almost to a T.)

    I'm seeing a lot of INTJs and INFPs here but no other INTPs. Hm.

    ETA:I just took the Keys 2 Cognition assessment and got INFP. I think I'm somewhat borderline between INTP and INFP. Also, my highest cognitive process is apparently Extroverted Intuiting, but my other extroverted processes are all fairly low. And my Introverted Intuiting/Thinking were both low. Interesting. But with the descriptions of them it makes a lot of sense! And the descriptions of both INFP and INTP both seem like me.
    ... And ENTP, the other type it suggested, fit somewhat as well.
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    I discovered the Myers-Briggs test online a few months ago and I'm an "INFJ". It was pretty fun to research into what that means- it definitely explained things about me I hadn't put words to.
    I think it's important to note also that these tests don't define your personality, they define how you process information; your personality is entirely yours to build with the blocks your type has

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    I'm an INFP, which is really rare along with INFJ (my brother is one of those). I have some INTP tendencies, but mostly I'm an INFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tct1219 View Post
    I'm INTJ. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it, too, because some of the things I see on there from other INTJs are just spot on. I forget but I think my husband is ENFP. In any case, almost the opposite of me.
    Link it! Link it! Link it!

    pretty please or message the link to me and maybe the other INTJs?
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