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    Cair Paravel :)
    Frederick (meh, sort of seems a wee bit dorky, but it brings to mind Captain Frederick Wentworth of Jane Austen fame, and just... swoon. Most adorkable romantic ever.)
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    Thomas BenjaminAlice ClementineIan MarinerAmelia Winter
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    You know what I've been wondering lately? Whether Dashing would make a good name. I mean, Winsome is a legitimate name, and Sterling and Starling and Dashiell... why not Dashing? I think it's great!

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    @arielladreams : thanks !! Nico is my dad's name . I will most likely use i as a middle . I dont really like Jack but I LOVE Angelo , Apollo & Matthias .
    @sadiejosephine : thanks !! i love Sebasian , Benedict & Knight or Knighlty ( gorgeous ) .
    @apollonia : thanks ! I love Alaric , Alistair , Augustus , Casimir , Deveraux , Dorian , Heathcliff , Fitzwilliam , Lancelot , Percival , Romeo , Sebastian & Tristan .
    @lesliemarion : thanks ! I see the problem with Romeo but i dont really mind it . Well , i love that kind of men too Hence Tarquin is gorgeous !! And i like Rafael too .
    @blackcatsmeow : thanks ! Sebastian Vincent is just lovely . I dont normally like Vincent but i LOVE it with Sebastian .
    @ashthedreamer : thanks !! I love Fitzwilliam , Sebastian & Leonardo . I like Frederick too but i really dislike the nn Freddie .
    @themonarch : thanks !! Dashing is an interesting choice . I like it as a middle .
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