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    I like Emmalyne a lot as long as it is pronounced Emma-Lynn and not Emma-LINE- The second pronunciation I have never liked.
    Either way, the Emmalyne spelling is fine. In my opinion, since the lyn thing in your family is traditional, it will automatically increase the sentimental value of your daughter's name. Also, it is just as cute as Addyson, prefer the two d spelling for this. Either name, I like them both equally. I only think that the Emmalyne spelling is confusing b/c Lynn at the end makes me assume the short i sound in the lynn part. The other spelling make wonder if it is LINE.

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    Most of the people on this forum tend to prefer more traditional spellings (and more traditional names). There are reasons to support it--conscious or unconscious prejudice and implied classism against alternative spellings is a big one. Another is just the history of a name--a lot of people (me included) like the historical depth of a name, and an alternative spelling seems to sever a name from its roots.

    But this is a forum of random internet strangers! You, your SO, and your family are who matter most, not us!! If you all love it, and especially if it has family significance as well, then it is 100% right for you. Just take heed to the concerns that NB-ers bring up, because as strangers, we do represent, to a certain extent, the sort of reactions that your daughter will be dealing with for the rest of her life.

    Some problems with Emmalyne: It looks made-up, it looks like it's "trying too hard" to be unique, and visually, it just looks clunky for what is actually a very delicate and feminine name. Like, even the word feminine ends in -ine, not -yne, you know what I mean? I don't know, I always have a strong reaction to the visual balance of a name as it is written. Emmaline Michelle seems much more balanced to me, because each name has 2 E's and 1 I, (also each has a set of double consonants, and one name has 2 M's and 1 L, and the other has 2 L's and 1 M...I'm such a nerd!!). I've never been a fan of -lyn/-lynn/-lyne endings because they look too heavy for the sound. But I am a huge fan of honoring family through names, so although I personally wouldn't use a feminine ending with y, it might be what is right for your family. Out of the available -y options, I prefer Emmalyn, it "looks" the lightest for a light-sounding syllable.

    So go with what feels right for you and your family, but be aware of the (mostly valid) criticisms from NB-ers. Even if you decide to go with -lyne, you will be making an informed choice, and that is what matters.
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    If you want the prn Emma Lynn,then I would go with Emmalynn or Emmalyn. I actually like the name better than Emmaline.

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    Emmaline is pronounced emma-line as in phone line
    Emmalynn is pronounced emma-lynn (lihn)
    They are two different names to me. Go with the one you love

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    I think that's what the confusion was. The 'e'. Thanks everyone.

    Emmalynn is what I'm going for and I'll spell it that way. I appreciate the advice!

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