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    Why is it so bad?

    Well I was a huge Army Wives fan.

    I never knew Emmaline's name until I googled it. But when I did it came up as Emmalyn/ Emmalynn/ Emmalyne.
    So Every time I post Emmalyne someone jumps me about the spelling.
    That spelling is normal for me.
    Emmalyne Michelle is that name I would use.
    The 'lyn' part is used in my family but I prefer the e on the end.
    Am I alone on this? My SO adores it & most of my family does too.

    As for Addyson/ Adyson I prefer it over the masculine form in my opinion (Addison) Either way its cute and I'm for either Addyson or Addison. But now all i see in addyson is Addy or huge dilemma there.

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    I'd pronounce Emmalyne as emma-line. You're pronouncing it emma-lynn? If you want the -lyn ending, I'd go with Emmalynn because it makes the most sense as a name with a -lynn tacked on.

    Addyson/Adyson is still the "masculine form" of the name. It still means "son of Maude". It'll always be a masculine name because you can't change the meaning.
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    A lot of people don't like the trend of adding "lyn" to established names or even words (Adeline > Adalyn, Madeline/Madeleine >Madelyn, Rose > Roselyn etc...) . I'm a person who has an aversion to random y's so Addyson/Adyson are big no-no's in my book. Emmalynn/Emmalyne looks like two names smooshed together (Emma and Lynn) rather than one real name (eg. Emmeline). It's just a question of people's tastes and preferences and we're all different. If you like Emmalyn then go for it! That's your choice. If you love the name enough to endure the negative comments, then choose it for your daughter. You can't please everyone so please yourself.
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    I thought you were trying for a different spelling of emma-line but you are trying for emma-lyn. I would spell it Emmalyn or Emmalynn. Having the E on the end reads it as line. Although I personally do not care for the name Emmalyn/Emmalynn I think it is a pretty name. I also feel it is important to honor family and/or use names that have special family meaning. If lyn has special meaning to your family I would use the Emmalyn spelling. If you would like suggestions of other lyn names I am sure several of us would love to help.

    I am fine with Addison/Addisyn on a girl. I honestly like it for either sex. You will find several very vocal posters on this board that will not like it, or any "boy's name on girls". This subject matter leads to trouble.

    The most important thing is to choose names you love and are special to you. You do not need to make anyone else love that name or names. The only time I would have a major issue is if a person asked about a name that was very disrespectful or vulgar. People wishing to name their son Adolf Hitler (I read about this years ago) is not okay at all. Those are the types of things that make me cringe.

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    Because Spelling Matters

    The current trend of parents consciously choosing misspelled names for their children is unfortunate.

    Any of us who has a spelled right name cannot imagine what it is to go through life with teachers judging us on our misspelled names before even meeting us.

    Read Freakonimics; it explains it all.

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