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    How many stay on "Team Green"?

    Hey berries!
    We found out yesterday that #3 is on the way. We already have one of each gender so I would so love to have that surprise of not finding out what this baby is. BUT I'm notorious for being terrible at secrets and surprises so I don't know if I'll have enough will power to not find out.
    Then, I started thinking about what a hard time we have picking out names and I am worrying that if we don't know the gender we will spend an entire 9 months waffling over names, then the baby will be born and we'll be like...crap...ok...Wesley Emmett? Hmm what about Emmett Brian? Or should it be Calvin??? Knowing the gender makes that part more real and you can picture the child and get used to the name. Not knowing makes everything feel much more hypothetical. So anyway....looking to hear from other tam green-ers about how they got comfortable with names.


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    Not me! I want to know! I know it is a surprise, but it is a surprise whenever you find out.

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    Hahaha I think being pregnant is surprise enough!! I'll want to know what gender my future babies are as soon as possible, so I can plan and prepare accordingly.
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    Team Green all the way! No matter what. I look forward to the doctor saying It's a Girl or It's a Boy! Nobody has any patience these days. Just cuz you can find out, doesn't mean you should. Personally, I think it should only be an option for baby #2, #3, etc. not the first.

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    I'm not pregnant yet but hopefully soon! We want to find out as soon as possible. I don't know, it's our first and I think we need that and to be prepared for our daughter or our son. I think it'll make the process and all the newness much easier. I heard a story of a women who was Team Green. She had one of each and was expecting her third and wanted the gender to be a surprise after finding out for her first two. After her newest child, a boy, was born, she felt sad. Even though she didn't care either way, she just wanted a healthy baby, she felt like someone took her new daughter away from her. Like she'll never have her. She felt she would've felt the same way about a boy if she had had a girl. Does this make sense? Just something to think about...

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