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    Red face Based on this list of names, can you please suggest other names I might like?


    We recently compiled a list of names we love for girls but would like to widen the net a little so I'm seeing what other names people would associate with the names on this list.


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    First I'll do a little word association. Just thinking of names that would be cute with it. After the / is similar names, in case you're looking for those.

    Molly- Rose/Holly
    Thérèse- Lucille/Theresa
    Bethany- Annabelle/Beth
    Magdalene- Danielle/Madeline or Madison
    Nico- Clover/Nicole or Nicolette (though if you want my opinion, Nico is more for a boy...)
    Dolores- Alice/Dorothy
    Martha- Giselle/Marcia
    Mary- Elizabeth/Marina or Maryann...Marianne...etc.
    Margot- Caroline/Margaret or Maggie
    Blythe- Matilda/Blair or Brittany
    Cornelia- Heather/Amelia
    Gloria- Alexis or Alexandra/ Glory or Mercy
    Marguerite- Juliette/Margaret or Maggie for here as well.
    Faith- Kimberly/Grace or Hope
    Constance- Temperance or Celeste/Connie or Candace

    Now I'm going to and I'm going to put in the first 6 names, then the next 6 then the final 3.
    I will give the first two pages each time (unless names are repeated) and if you'd like to go to the site and do it yourself, I recommend it.
    Suggestion though, since you are only able to put 6 names in at a time, I would do your top 6 and see what names they give you.

    Using Molly, Thérèse, Bethany, Magdalene, Nico and Dolores: Olivia, Elizabeth, Berenice, Lucy, Grace, Marie, Eva, Rena, Esme, Emily, Lena, Marion, Ali, Charlotte, Amelia, Ines, Abigail, Jo, Emma, Madelyn, Esmeralda, Elisabeth, Sophie, Demi, Ella, Ava, Mila, Audrey, Anna and Hannah

    Using Martha, Mary, Margot, Blythe, Cornelia, and Gloria: Marlyn, Leanna, Loretta, Lorna, Sarah, Myra, Tabitha, Lucy, Sidonia, Lina, Liana, Joanna, Priscilla, Alice, Elida and Antonia

    Using Marguerite, Faith, and Constance: Genevieve, Georgette, Marianne, Adele, Adrienne, Hope, Adeline, Rose, Antoinette, Flora, Jeanette, Beatrice, June, Bernadette, Clementine, Avril, Fleur, Claudette, Lucille, Dominique, Monique, Coralie, Charlene, Jewel and Violet

    Hope that helped and/or gave you some ideas!
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