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    Our baby girl names- down to final 3 and need opinions!!

    Sibling names are Noah and Claire. We like names that are classic, sweet, and girly. Definitely want to use middle name Kay (family thing) . Choices are:

    Sarah Kay
    Fiona Kay
    Juliana Kay

    our concerns with Sarah are that it is just too plain and "boring". But then again, not many babies being named Sarah these days, so maybe not?? I have always thought it is such a soft and sweet name.

    I LOVE Fiona, but not sure how well it goes with Noah and Claire? And is it one of those names people either love or hate?

    With juliana, I'm worried about nicknames. And it seems to be getting progressively more popular.

    Would really appreciate any thoughts/opinions. Thanks so much in advance!!!

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    My favorite is definitely Fiona, but it does have some similarity in sound to Noah. Still, Fiona Kay is super cute. Juliana is my 2nd fave, tho Julia might fit better with sibs.

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    I love Noah, Claire, and Juliana.

    If you want Juliana not to have a nickname then introduce her as Juliana. I have known plenty of children and adults that do not go by any nicknames and have only gone by their full name their entire lives.

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    I like both Fiona and Juliana. I do think that Sarah is a bit boring because I've always known at least 3 people named Sarah. I think I like Juliana better because it fits with the siblings really well and goes good with Kay. Your children have such cute names!

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    Fiona Kay is definitely my favorite. It sounds feminine and classic, but spunky and adorable too. I think it would sound great on her as a little girl and a grown woman, and I love the sound of "Noah, Claire, and Fiona."

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