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    I like Bellatrix Aurora Liberty, like another poster said.
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

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    Alright. I'm glad you're making some progress ^_^ Here's my order for everything:

    Bellatrix Iris Evenstar
    Bellatrix Atalanta Elbereth
    Bellatrix Viola Wishmay -- though I think it flows better Bellatrix Wishmay Viola
    Bellatrix Victoria Wishmay
    Bellatrix Daphne Elbereth

    The rest of these I like fine but not as much as the others. Those are my top 5, I'll put these in order too, but they aren't my favorites:

    Bellatrix Emma Artemis
    Bellatrix Daphne Wishmay
    Bellatrix Liberty Evenstar
    Bellatrix Viola Elbereth
    Bellatrix Elbereth Wishmay
    Bellatrix Iris Liberty
    Bellatrix Eva Elbereth
    Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay

    Just curious, are you saying Viola like vi-oh-lah (vi rhymes with eye) or vee-oh-lah? I'm saying it the first way but I'm just wondering what you're doing.

    And I have a suggestion. Bellatrix Artemis Evenstar. It subtly connects as another A Greek goddess with Aphrodite and Artemis Evenstar resembles Arwen Evenstar >.> And I think it sounds fabulous. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Love love love Bellatrix!
    Some combos from your list:
    Bellatrix Wishmay Noor
    Bellatrix Athene Freyja
    Bellatrix Iris Liberty
    Bellatrix Laetitia Skathi
    Bellatrix Emma Daphne

    Good luck!
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    Another vote for Bellatrix Viola Wishmay. I normally don't like "V" names for some reason, but Viola just works so well with this one.

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