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    I love the PP suggestions of Bellatrix Viola Noor. That is just heavenly and matches the discription you gave. I for one think Noor could also work in the first middle spot. Like I think Bellatrix Noor Amoret is divine.
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    Messy little Bellatrix! You know I really love Bellatrix (and stars, and Orion, and on and on..) Reading all your imagery makes me wanna pull her off from the GP list directly to the top of my main list. Agreed, she's so shiny and starry.

    Sorry for repeats:

    Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay - is a perfection, imo. I'm thinking about this even before I read your short list. I love Laetitia already and Wishmay is so light and airy.
    Bellatrix Freyja Amoret
    Bellatrix Eva Elbereth
    Bellatrix Gersemi Skathi
    Bellatrix Viola Athene
    Bellatrix Iris Elbereth
    Bellatrix Viola Wishmay
    Bellatrix Phoebe Amoret
    Bellatrix Gersemi Noor
    Bellatrix Aurora Wishmay
    Bellatrix Victoria Skathi
    Bellatrix Eos Elbereth

    Still missing Ceridwen from your list (where is she? ) but your new list is wonderful too. Can't wait for her final name.
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    As long as you're not pronouncing Laetitia lah-TISH-uh, Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay is absolutely awesome and I really hope you use it. It radiates adventure and is just so, so lovely. However, if you are pronouncing Laetitia more like lah-TISH-uh, the repetitive 'ish' in Laetitia and Wishmay feel a bit funny on my tongue and I think I'd shift my preference to Bellatrix Laetitia Noor, which is equally as beautiful, but perhaps a bit more gauzy and intense.

    I sadly don't have to time to think of many combos (end of the semester and proposal writing), but I came up with these after quickly glancing at your list on page one:
    Bellatrix Emma Artemis - Emma feels like a good match for Marion. I think she grounds the fierce Bellatrix and Artemis nicely
    Bellatirix Eos Amoret - She is bursting with emotion and mischief, but also has a perfect cunningly serene smile
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    Hmm, I really love the look of Bellatrix Artemis Victoria, but I'm not sure about the flow. The -trix and -mis endings sound similar due to having the same vowel sound, but switching the names around would be even worse since it would put -trix and Vic- right next to each other. I really do love the idea of Artemis or Victoria with Bellatrix, though, so maybe:

    Bellatrix Amoret Victoria
    Bellatrix Eos Victoria
    Bellatrix Athene Victoria
    Bellatrix Gwenllian Artemis
    Bellatrix Viola Artemis
    Bellatrix Emmeline Artemis (I thought Emmeline flowed better than just Emma)

    And some random others:

    Bellatrix Sunniva Louise
    Bellatrix Vespertine Eva
    Bellatrix Selene Asteria
    Bellatrix Zorya Estelle

    Boy, it really is hard to come up with middles for her! Especially with the imagery you want. I keep wanting to pair her with darker names...
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    4 pages already! That's what I get for not being online this week. But I'm going to try! I like your Artemis combo, but I prefer Viola over Victoria. The T and the C are just too harsh for that name to make the combo feel properly lighthearted. So I second whoever suggested Bellatrix Artemis Viola. Bellatrix Viola Noor is also very pretty but I can't help but worry that Noor isn't substantial enough to hold her own against Illyria. Bellatrix Viola Elbereth?
    Bellatrix Arden Freya
    Bellatrix Iris Elbereth
    Bellatrix Atremis Amoret

    I like Amoret, Artemis, Elbereth, Freyja, Iris, Viola (and Arden) with her, but I think most of them have already been paired up at this point so this is what I've got for you. =]
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