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    Oh, delight! This is my favourite one of these threads you've made because Bellatrix is on my list! So I may just steal whatever name you decide on! I really like Bellatrix Artemis Victoria and Bellatrix Laetitia Noor.
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    Your pictures are stunning!

    You have a sneaky way of making me appreciate names I thought were ridiculous. Bellatrix is one of these. I've never seen the appeal… I have a real aversion to x's in names (Alexander being an exemption). However, I can SEE the name now.. on a human… So I can see it now for your little bunny.

    Now we both know what my combos are like I really like Bellatrix with Freyja and Noor. I absolutely love Noor.

    Bellatrix Daphne Noor (a common middle flanked by two stunners… much like sister Dita…)
    Bellatrix Elbereth Noor
    Bellatrix Vashti Noor (I really love Vashti, and I know she's been on your lists before)
    Bellatrix Iris Noor

    Bellatrix Freyja Athene
    Bellatrix Freyja Noor (Obviously I really like Noor)
    Bellatrix Freyja Amoret
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Responses, how lovely! Thank you, ladies! I'm pleased to see some Wishmay love, it's a very old English name that means valkyrie maiden.

    Miss Moon; I'm glad you're liking Trixie more. Bellatrix Freyja Noor is really beautiful, and I like the other one too, but this one's simply brilliant!

    Maple; they do sound good together don't they, Dita and Bella. Ooh, I think Bellatrix Daphne Athene is so pretty and not at all plain. Bellatrix Aurora Liberty is beautiful too.

    Pernille; thanks, I like that one too. Glad you enjoy the thread. There are very few Scandinavian names in here yes, I just couldn't find anyone I liked that much with Bellatrix. I've got some set aside for Pandora, Narcissa and Sylvestra though.

    From your combos I really like these:
    Bellatrix Gersemi Viola - this is gorgeous! It's so vivid.
    Bellatrix Eos Wishmay - and this is utterly beautiful too. Feels like a cloudy mountaintop.
    Bellatrix Liberty Noor
    Bellatrix Victoria Amoret
    Bellatrix Freyja Elbereth
    Bellatrix Artemis Viola
    Bellatrix Eva Amoret
    Bellatrix Daphne Laetitia - this is so sweet and lovely. Bluebell forests.

    Thanks so much, sweetie!

    Ash; Rebecca's a really beautiful name but I always think of the Daphne du Maurier novel. I love the novel, but Rebecca's kind of creepy... Eva Felicity is gorgeous, and Felicity is one of those names that sounds like pure joy (like Laetitia), but I had a goldfish called Felicity when I was little. We weren't allowed pets, except for fish (we moved around a lot, my parents didn't want to drag actual "real" pets into all that). Anyway, I was maybe three and I really loved this little fish. Anyway... it died. I cried for three days and we had a funeral and everything, and when I see Felicity I think of that fish. Okay, let's skip along before I become sentimental and start crying about that fish again. Bellatrix Eva Wishmay! Oooh, that is so beautiful! As you know I love Eva too. Eva is one of those rare names that's hauntingly beautiful, epic and sweet at the same time. Thanks, Ash!

    Cio; that photo's from an Hermes ad... can't really take credit. But thank you for liking my imagery, makes me happy! Isn't Wishmay fantastic? I'm madly in love with this one.

    I really like these combos:
    Bellatrix Wishmay Viola - nice! I also love the connection here between Dita's Illyria and Bella's Viola.
    Bellatrix Wishmay Athene - triple warrior without bragging about it!
    Bellatrix Wishmay Laetitia
    Bellatrix Eva Wishmay
    Bellatrix Artemis Noor
    Bellatrix Skathi Victoria
    Bellatrix Wishmay Elaine - I'd probably do Heleyne though, Bellatrix Wishmay Heleyne.

    Thank you, hunny!!

    AiW; I really like these combos:
    Bellatrix Daphne Noor
    Bellatrix Freyja Viola
    Bellatrix Victoria Artemis
    Bellatrix Artemis Eva - Eva Artemis though

    Thank you!

    Kadybug; haha, yeah, we'll see. From the way she's behaving she could definitely be a Bellatrix. It's a name I've loved for forever too, from before Harry Potter. And yes, she needs a name that stands up to sister's in some way. I think this one fits very well. Yes, we have two middles, Dita's are Illyria and the more down to earth but still awesome Marian (maid Marian from Robin Hood).

    I like these combos:
    Bellatrix Freyja Elbereth
    Bellatrix Viola Noor
    Bellatrix Silvia Noor - I do love this one, but I've got Sylvestra on my list, and at this moment I'd say she's the frontrunner...
    Bellatrix Moriko Elbereth - sweet!!! The only one of the Japanese I can get Husband on board with.
    Bellatrix Arden Noor - Love this one. I love the sweet connection between Dita's Illyria and Bella's Arden.

    Thank you! And don't apologise for adding your own, they are excellent!

    JT; thanks! Bellatrix Artemis Victoria is one of my favourites as well, I think it's stong, beautiful and sweet. I really love Bellatrix Amoret Iris, but I would switch it to Bellatrix Iris Amoret. And Bellatrix Daphne Aurora is super pretty!

    Stripey; Isn't it?? I love how Laetitia is so obviously filled with laughter and joy. You think Viola's somber? Interesting. I think of the flowers and of Viola from Twelfth Night and she's so happy and alive and filled with gumption. I love your combos but I know Husband will say no. He's not into names he doesn't understand, and word names are one of them. And names that are too foreign. But Bellatrix Jonquil Noor is so beautiful... I do love Niamh though, that legend is one of my favourites. Thank you!

    Sarah; haha, okay! I actually really love Bellatrix Victoria for you. Glad you like Bellatrix Laetitia Noor.

    Dina; thank you! That makes me smile... I love x's as long as they're in their proper place. Oh, you Noor fan you! I love Noor too, and I think it's lovely with Bellatrix. The trick is to find a combo Husband will agree too as he's got Noor issues. I love Bellatrix Freyja Noor, Bellatrix Vashti Noor - this is so lovely! Vashti works really well with Bellatrix. Bellatrix Daphne Noor and Daphne Elbereth Noor are both gorgeous as well. Now only to see what Husband thinks... Thank you so much my sweet!!!
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    I love viola flowers but I guess I'm think of the shy, deep-purple, woodland-y ones, or the black hybrids that are so tiny and serious. Not mean, or grumpy... just somber. http://completegarden.files.wordpres...-wide-horz.jpg or at any rate at least mysterious and reserved. Shy violets, etc.

    Very pretty though.

    I'm trying to think of Scandinavian ones. I really am liking Ingerith at the moment (it's, unsurprisingly, related to Ingrid) but I don't know what I'd pair it with: Bellatrix Liberty Ingerith? I'm not sure of its feel, whether it feels light or serious.

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    Your imagery for Trix is so wonderful and the nickname-nerd in me loves all the nickname opportunities in the name, Trix in particular (which is my eternal pain regarding Beatrix because I have always pronounced it be-ah-TRIX rather than bee-uh-TRIS (because of the Dutch Queen, lol), but apparently the general consensus is that it pronounced like Beatrice (*sad smiley*), so yay for a Trix-name with the opportunity of the use of Trix as a nickname ). Bellatrix Artemis Victoria is so beautiful. I love Victoria with Trix and Artemis makes a perfect little bridge between the two. Bellatrix Laetitia Noor is swoonworthy as well (particularly Trix and Noor).

    Bellatrix Artemis Elbereth
    Bellatrix Daphne Gersemi
    Bellatrix Elbereth Wishmay (I love Elbereth and I'm seriously intrigued by Wishmay)
    Bellatrix Emma Elbereth
    Bellatrix Eos Aurora (I love the flow of Eos and Aurora)
    Bellatrix Freyja Amoret (though I have a hard time separating Freyja from Undómiel *sigh*)
    Bellatrix Freyja Wishmay
    Bellatrix Iris Wishmay
    Bellatrix Laetitia Gersemi
    Bellatrix Skathi Elbereth (absolutely loving Skathi, reminds me of the word skat (elskling in Norwegian? Or is that in Swedish? Surely it can't be skatt, that's taxes isn't it? Sorry for going off-track, it's late, lol) which is just precious)
    Bellatrix Victoria Noor (couldn't help myself)
    Bellatrix Victoria Wishmay (I love Victoria with Wishmay, but they might sound too alike together?)

    A few suggestions:
    - Bellatrix Freyja Undómiel (as mentioned above, Freyja and Undómiel are inseparable in my mind so I had to, lol)
    - Bellatrix Iris Evenstar (I was like "yay, oh my, Evenstar is perfect" but then I thought, would that rule out Arwen and Undómiel for the other names' combinations? If it does, then I take the suggestion of the name back because while I could live with Arwen not being there (I'm not even sure that she's on your list), Undómiel is just too *swoon* to replace)
    - Bellatrix Nuka Elbereth/Victoria (so, I realise that this is a long shot, however, Nuka is Greenlandic for "little sister to a girl" (which seriously is one of the sweeter meanings, most Greenlandic names mean "foetus of a whale" (Illaaq), "coagulated blood" (Aaviak) or something like that). A lot of people (Danes, mostly) think that she is pronounced like nougat, but in Kalaallisut everything is just a tad harder, and she is actually pronounced NOO-KAH)
    - Bellatrix Valinor Amoret

    Sorry for all of the comments (half of them probably don't make sense anyway) and for the length
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