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    That last photograph was incredible, I just love your imagery so much (I've said it before, but will continue to say it!) - some ideas might be:

    The Wishmays (what a gorgeous name!):
    Bellatrix Wishmay Viola
    Bellatrix Wishmay Athene
    Bellatrix Wishmay Laetitia
    Bellatrix Eva Wishmay
    Bellatrix Freyja Wishmay - 'ay' sound repeated, but looks amazing

    Other/Mostly Noors:
    Bellatrix Iris Noor
    Bellatrix Athene Noor
    Bellatrix Artemis Noor
    Bellatrix Skathi Victoria
    Bellatrix Artemis Noor
    Bellatrix Viola Gersemi

    Novel Additions (just ones I loved the sound of):
    Bellatrix Laetitia Hebe
    Bellatrix Eimyrja Noor
    Bellatrix Wishmay Elaine
    Bellatrix Lisanor Viola
    Bellatrix Daphne Isolde
    Bellatrix Wishmay Isolde

    I think Bellatrix and Wishmay are perfection together (as you can probably tell) - hope you like some!

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    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Bellatrix is so stunning! Apart from Hermione and Persephone, it has been my longest name love. I would be delighted to know there's a little Bellatrix running around. That last photo is exactly how I see her. Please Name her that! I think the little sister to A needs a name with confidence oozing from it, like to say that I don't care if big sis is the goddess of love, I'm awesome, too, you know?

    I agree she needs light with the dark, especially with the strong association to HP. I really like Amoret, Noor, Aurora, Viola, Freyja, Eos, Elbereth, Artemis, and Athena with her. I'm not good at combos, but I'll try. It seems you want two middles? Sorry for repeats.

    Bellatrix Freyja Noor
    Bellatrix aurora Elbereth
    Bellatrix Freyja Elbereth
    Bellatrix viola Noor
    Bellatrix Amoret Noor
    Bellatrix Freyja Eos
    Bellatrix Freyja Mori- forest in Japanese
    Bellatrix morika Noor - means smell of the forest
    Bellatrix Silvia Noor
    Bellatrix moriko Elbereth- child of the forest
    Bellatrix Noor yumiko- child of the bow
    Bellatrix Freyja yumi- bow
    Bellatrix Freyja Eos
    Bellatrix Arden Noor
    Bellatrix sora Elbereth - sky

    Any of these good? Sorry for adding a few of my own. I'm sad I couldn't put Artemis anywhere, because it seems so perfect.

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    Great imagery for Bellatrix.

    Of the combos you have come up with I really adore Bellatrix Artemis Victoria, it has a beautiful flow to it.

    I really like Aurora with Bellatrix, it just seems to go with the imagery you described so two of my combos have Aurora in them.

    Bellatrix Daphne Aurora
    Bellatrix Elbereth Aurora
    Bellatrix Amoret Iris

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    Bellatrix Laetitia Noor is amazing! I love Laetitia's injection of pure laughter and happiness.

    Bellatrix Viola Noor is a beautiful sound but I've always thought of Viola (a long-term favourite) as a bit somber.

    I adore Liberty but am having trouble thinking of a combo for it.

    Bellatrix Ketzia Niamh - Ketzia (various transcriptions/transliterations: Kezia, Keziah, Qetsiyah) being cinnamon. I thought about names meaning sweet, like Dulce or Zisel, but I can't help feeling that Bellatrix's positivity still isn't precisely SWEET so much as warm and spicy. And Niamh always feels bright and pixie-like to me, giddy with laughter.

    Bellatrix Jonquil Noor - I think Jonquil might not be name-y enough for you but they're a flower that really goes, in my mind anyway, with your image of Bellatrix. All raucous, naturalized sunshine flowers.

    ^Am I way off? I have other ideas but don't want to swamp your thread if I'm going down a weird road.

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