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    I like Ender a lot. Have not read the Orson Scott Card series, but have heard a little about the film and it looks good.

    I don't know if any of these fit your criteria, but I thought I'd give it a go

    Ender Absalom
    Ender Absalon
    Ender Albert
    Ender Aloysius
    Ender Antoine
    Ender Archibald
    Ender Atticus
    Ender Auberon
    Ender Aurelien
    Ender Charles
    Ender Damian
    Ender Ignatius
    Ender Inigo
    Ender Isaiah
    Ender Isidore
    Ender James
    Ender Mordecai
    Ender Noble
    Ender Peregrine
    Ender Samuel
    Ender Zachariah
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    Ender August- no C's but it still feels crisp to me
    Ender Calidore- awesome but might not be normal
    Ender Cardamom/Clove/Coriander- ok I'm not getting it but surely there is an herb name that fits here
    Ender Isaac- I feel like this is a no but can't remember why
    Ender Mica/h- if it counts as normal it has a nice earthy feel to it
    Ender Oakley- naturey and vowel-y and all the other -y reasons
    Ender Patrick- is sometimes on your middle list, but it works here

    And unrelatedly (because you know I have to suggest it every time)... Ender Lewis. =]
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    I'm with your hubby here. I think one name should be more "practical" (eww!), if only b/c at some point, it just crosses the line into preciousness (eww! x2!). A name should be evocative of some trait of his/hers, not you! Besides, a more common MN emphasizes the first names uniqueness more. And yes, stay away from names with the same suffix.

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    Sorry it took me so long to respond! It's been a crazy couple of days. So glad to take a little break and browse some awesome Ender combos ^_^

    JudyAriel – Hooray! I am feeling the name love Ender Christian has all the right sounds, I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with naming a child after my religion. Isn't that silly? We have so many Biblical names on our list…maybe it just feels to billboard-esque. I LOVE Ender Kai, but Husband thinks it's way too sci-fi sounding, and Kai is on our list as a nn for Malachi. Ender Crispin is swoonworthy! I also like the sound of Ender Lucas, even though on its own, Lucas is one of those names I wind up hating O.o I'm also warming up to Ezekiel, even though I'm not keen on the EE alliteration. Sweet list! You seem to really get what I'm going for with the sound.

    Freya – I've been kinda crushing on Jack lately….there are so many Jacks in the world and popularity is normally a huge turnoff for me. But Jack is so dashing and mischievous…he reminds me of MSND's Puck.

    Moon – Ender Amadeus is pretty smashing. How funny, you have my Husband's name on your list! I bet he'd have a total geekout moment if he saw it. I like the sound of Ender Felix, but something about it bothers me… Kushiel! Ooh…do we have a Jacqueline Carey fan in the house? Husband would never let that one fly, but it's an awesome idea. Corbin wouldn't work because my FIL teaches at a university by that name…so sad, because Korbin Dallas is such a cool character! Atlas is a long-time GP of mine, but Husband won't go for it. Stupid veto power…Ender Axel is also cool. Why do I love all the "not-practical" ones so much? Haha.

    Twinling – That makes two of us! I'm constantly spluttering at his comments on names that I think are perfectly fine…and yet he's willing to consider Rufus! (I know you love Rufus, but where I'm from that name is the very definition of the ultimate redneck hillbilly redheaded step-child. Like Bubba. Eek! Anyway.) Ender Constantine! Oh if only! That is such a fabulously handsome name. Ender Frederick is strangely attractive, but I am not down with Fred as any sort of nickname. Ender Cornelius is also fun…Cornelius always makes me think of the Sorcerer's Apprentice for some reason. Ender Valentin wouldn't work because Ender's sister is named Valentine. And I would love Ender Vincent, but there is a world of family bitterness behind the name Vincent that makes it utterly unusable, despite the fact that the name itself is perfection.

    Elja – Ender Atticus is smashing! Hubs has vetoed Atticus a few times before…I'm not sure I should try that one again, but it does have just the right sound. I also like Ender Isaiah, Ender Mordecai, and Ender Noble. Noble really appeals to my word name obsession

    Amy – Ender August is so so gorgeous. I really need to find a way to get Hubby on board with this name! I always think of August Rush…crisp autumn leaves and unearthly beautiful music. Want! Herb names are so fun! Coriander is such a cool name…I really need to see someone use this someday. Ender Isaac is my clear favorite from your list. I don't remember why Isaac was vetoed either, but it's got the sounds I want and it's the perfect mix of practical/familiar and quirky/unusual.

    Bear – Yes, my Husband is definitely the practical one in this scenario. He keeps my head on straight. The finished product is always a good balance…usable, but with a magical flair.

    So currently the ideas are:
    Ender Amadeus - love
    Ender Constantine - love, DH won't
    Ender Cornelius - love, DH won't
    Ender Isaiah – love
    Ender Mordecai – not sure about DH
    Ender Noble – not sure about DH
    Ender AugustLOVE, DH won't
    Ender Isaac - LOVE

    With the following maybes:
    Ender Crispin – too close to Caspian?
    Ender Jack
    Ender Lucas
    Ender Axel – probably won't make it past DH
    Ender Frederick
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    Haha, I love that you like Amadeus!
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