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    Crisp and Catchy Ender Combos

    I seem to really enjoy crisp sounds with the newest addition to our list, Ender. My favorite sounds thus far are Ender Caspian and Ender Malachi. However, I'm not yet willing to break up my existing Caspian and Malachi combos, and Ender Caspain also breaks my Husband's "at least one practical name per combo" rule. I think I'm attracted to the hard C and K sounds. I've also considered Ender Christopher (out because of the double –er ending, which is tripled when you add our –ar surname) and Ender Kenshin (concerned about too many "en/in" sounds and it breaks the practical rule again).

    So have at it, Berries! Give me all your crispy crackly ones ^_^

    (ETA: This is my combo thread. If anyberry would like to discuss the pros and cons of Ender as a name, I have *a separate thread* for that too.)
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    I know I gave you some ideas in your other thread, but here are some more:
    Ender Christian
    Ender Kristoff/Kristof
    Ender Kai
    Ender Alexi
    Ender Crispin
    Ender Clark
    Ender Luke
    Ender Lucas
    Ender Blake
    Ender Joaquim
    Ender Ezekiel
    Ender Calvin
    Ender Cameron
    Ender Cavanaugh
    Ender Jacob/Ender Jakob
    Ender Lachlan
    Ender Michael
    Ender Winston
    Ender Zachary

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    Ender Caleb
    Ender Jack
    Ender George
    Ender Gage
    Ender Paul
    Ender Eliot/Elliot
    Ender Simon
    Ender Philip/Phillip
    Ender Douglas

    Of those already suggested, I want to second:

    Ender Kai
    Ender Crispin
    Ender Clark
    Ender Lucas
    Ender Calvin
    Ender Jacob
    Ender Michael
    Ender Zachary
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    I hope you don't mind me combining responses. I adore Ender - it has been on my list for years and years! My fav combo has always been Ender Amadeus but that isn't very crisp...Hmmm. Ender Caspian is so perfect but I totally get why it cannot be.

    Ender Kevin

    Ender Clark

    Ender Lochlan (agree with @judyariel on this one, but I slightly prefer the "o" spelling)

    Ender Max (or perhaps Maximus/Maxwell)- This one is on my mind because my dad and I talked about baby names yesterday and he reeeally wants me to use it as a MN)

    Ender Felix

    Eneder Lennox

    Ender Connell (or any other variant spelling)

    Ender Gabriel (the G makes a similar hard quality, maybe?)

    Ender Kyle

    (probably not "practical" enough):

    Ender Atlas

    Ender Kushiel

    Ender Corvin (or maybe Corbin)

    Ender Axel

    Ender Phoenix

    Ender Octavian

    Ender Killian
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    Because I'm never sure what mr. Sessha considers practical or not, these are all over the place.

    Ender Benedict
    Ender Christian
    Ender Clement
    Ender Constantine
    Ender Cornelius
    Ender Frederick
    Ender Henrik
    Ender Peregrine
    Ender Valentin
    Ender Vincent
    Ender Xavier (I know, but the -er in Xavier is different. Kind of. Not so much, but it's awesome)
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