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    She Needs a Name!!!

    When I first heard my son's name, I fell in love and knew that was his name! I'm not getting that feeling with any of the names on the list for our baby girl. I was hoping for something with the same traditional, yet uncommon feel as my little boy's name Abe.
    Here's our list:
    Anna Marie
    Allie Marie
    Quinn Marie (my current fav)
    Eisley Marie (my husbands fav) pronounced EYEs-lee

    Our son has my husband's first name for a middle name, so baby girl will get my middle name for hers, hence the "Marie".

    Thoughts on these?? Any suggestions on names along the same lines? I prefer names that can not be shortened, do not tend to care for long formal names, and would prefer her not be one of 10 Olivia's (eventhough Olivia is a very pretty name!). I just want a name that I hear, fall in love with and know it's her name!!

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