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    Flora and Fiona?

    Ok, so I am here w/ another question. Flora has ALWAYS been my most favourite girl name. it was the name of my late Great Aunt who I admire more than anyone. My husband had originally vetoed this name as he didn't like it. Once our second daughter was born and we named her Fiona, he told me actually loved the name Flora and was sorry it took him so long to realize. What upsets me now is that Flora and Fiona are pretty close. Are they too close? Keep in mind I would always call her Florrie as that's what my Aunt went back. We have a Mhairi and Fiona. So is Florrie/Flora too similar to Fiona to work? Please be honest as I do have other ideas for names but if Flora/Florrie is an option then I would like to consider it now that my husband likes it!
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    They are both lovely names and I don't think they're too similar for sisters

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    Both are beautiful. It would be too close for me.

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    While I love them both, they would be too close for me as well. I think it would get confusing around the house.

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    If she went by Florrie, I don't think it would be too close at all. Really cute names!!

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