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Thread: Ursuline?

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    I knew Ursula was a saint, but I wasn't aware of the religious institutes calling themselves Ursulines. Would it be strange or offensive for a Christian but not Catholic person to name their daughter Ursuline? It's really more of a gp at this point, but now I'm curious. Also I live in the US, if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for the honest replies!
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    I like Ursula a lot. Ursula being the name of one of my favourite authors is a plus to me, but Ursuline has an ending sound I really love. I'm assuming it's a -leen sound in this case? I love Zephirine and Leontine and Ursuline fits in well, feeling medieval and romantic. If it's a LINE sound, well, I love Emmeline and Caroline too so I don't really see a downside there.

    I didn't know about the religious order thing though, and that makes me wonder if Undine wouldn't be more usable?

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    I'm new here, hi

    Of course the first thing I did was search for my own name. It's amazing that all these old European names are coming back into fashion now, that's wonderful.

    If you called your daughter Ursula she'd just never get sea witch references. I'm 28 and so I'm of that generation, and I hardly got them because even as kids most of my classmates were decent enough to assume my parents weren't the kind of twats who name kids after cartoons. When I used to frequent nightclubs as a teenager/student it was inevitable because one has to be cerebrally deficient to even attend those places (I count myself among those). It was never mentioned in a derogatory way. Jokes aside, it's easy to just shrug off. Your daughter's contemporaries wont even remember it. The generation above mine will guess as Ursula Andres, which is not so bad as she was an Amazonian badass. It's just not of interest anymore. The name is older than cartoons or white two-pieces.

    Ursuline is a very specific adjective. If I met someone called Ursuline I'd assume her background was Roman Catholic, because of St Ursula and her virgins and the Ursuline orders of nuns. Ursuline is never used in any other context. I'm not sure it would come across as "offensive" to Catholics so much as misinformed/plucked out of thin air because her parents liked the sound.
    My point: Ursuline might be over-egging it a bit.
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    I prefer Ursula over Ursaline for the reasons already specified. I don't automatically think of the sea witch, but then I have met people with the name so it overrides it. That said, it's not my style.

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    I love Ursula; my husband vetoed it. I'd be concerned about the sea witch, too, though, since I think most kids still grow up with that movie. Ursuline is lovely, but then the religious associations would never occur to me.

    Ah, why did Disney have to do that? "Little bear" is an absurd thing to call a human-octopus hybrid.

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