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    Name Quiz with multiple options!

    Another name quiz with multiple options! Pick your answer and choose a name from the list next to it to name your children!

    DD #1
    FN: Your favorite color
    Red - Cerise, Crimson, Ruby or Scarlett
    Green - Irwen, Jade, Midori or Olive
    Blue - Azura, Iola, Neela or Sapphire
    White/Black - Albinia, Bianca, Krishna or Melani
    Other - Ginger, Lilac, Tawny or Xanthe

    MN: Your favorite time of day
    Morning - Aurora, Danica, Samira or Talora
    Afternoon - Early, Savita, Soleil or Thea
    Night - Aquila, Isis, Lilith or Nova

    DS #1
    FN: Your favorite "scary" fad
    Vampires - Damon, Edward, Lestat or Niklaus
    Pirates - Adam, Jack, Samuel or William
    Ninjas - Donald, Leonardo, Michael or Ralph
    Zombies - Christopher, Daryl, Leon or Paul

    : Your favorite country (live or visit)
    England/Ireland - Conor, Ethan, Noah or Oliver
    France/Spain - Adrian, Javier, Lucas or Mathis
    Germany/Russia - Dmitry, Finn, Ivan or Philip
    U.S/Australia - Aiden, Jacob, Levi or Mason

    DD #2
    FN: Your favorite sport (play or watch)
    Gymnastics - Jordyn, Kyla, Mckayla or Nadia
    Volleyball - Kerri, Logan, Misty or Samantha
    Soccer - Hanna, Keirstin, Mia or Rachel
    Tennis - Josette, Katrina, Sabine or Venus
    Other - Ailleen, Larissa, Shelia or Sonja

    MN: Your favorite naming style
    Popular - Emma, Isabella, Olivia or Sophia
    Classic - Alice, Elizabeth, Margaret or Sarah
    Little bit of everything - Addison, Claire, Talitha or Victoria
    Family names - Your family name of choice

    DS #2
    FN: Your favorite school subject
    Math - Albert, Christiaan, Isaac or Max
    History - Augustine, Elias, Jarvis or John
    Science - Benjamin, Edwin, Jonas or Thomas
    Art - Diego, Gerard, Julian or Pablo
    Other - Bastian, Eben, Harry or Milo

    MN: Your favorite part of nature
    Water - Caspian, Hudson, Kai or Wade
    Trees - Aspen, Grove, Linden or Oakley
    Animals - Channing, Hawke, Jaguar or Wolf
    Seasons - Blaze, Cloud, Frost or Storm
    Other - Ash, Basil, Clay or Stone

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