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    Off-the Grid Family – 10 Years!

    So we're going to pretend we're an off-the-grid family (you know the type). You are your partner's names and characteristics are for you to decide. You can do them based off of fact or completely made-up. However you want to play. Then just roll the dice to find out your future as an off-the-grid family. Everything is completely option. You don't feel like having animals or children, that's fine! Just do as you want to play it and have a good time! Enjoy! Dice:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Year 1: Buying your Abode
    Type of Home & Location
    1,1 Cottage in Maine
    1,2 Cottage in the Finger Lakes
    1,3 Cottage in Martha's Vineyards
    1,4 Cottage in San Francisco Bay Area
    1,5 Cottage in Oahu
    1,6 Cottage in Georgia

    2,1 Farmhouse in Vermont
    2,2 Farmhouse in Kentucky
    2,3 Farmhouse in Poughkeepsie, NY
    2,4 Farmhouse in North Carolina
    2,5 Farmhouse in Georgia
    2,6 Farmhouse in Virginia

    3,1 Ranch in Colarado
    3,2 Ranch in Southwest Texas
    3,3 Ranch in Wyoming
    3,4 Ranch in Montana
    3,5 Ranch in Nebraska
    3,6 Ranch in New Mexico

    4,1 Vineyard in Northern California
    4,2 Vineyard in Oregon
    4,3 Vineyard in Southern Tier New York
    4,4 Vineyard in Virginia
    4,5 Vineyard in Italy
    4,6 Vineyard in Southern France

    5,1 Log Cabin in Maine
    5,2 Log Cabin in Illinois
    5,3 Log Cabin in Virginia
    5,4 Log Cabin in South Dakota
    5,5 Log Cabin in west Texas
    5,6 Log Cabin in Tennessee

    6,1 Lighthouse in Michigan
    6,2 Lighthouse in Rhode Island
    6,3 Lighthouse in northern Oregon
    6,4 Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay area Virginia
    6,5 Lighthouse in Nova Scotia
    6,6 Lighthouse in Mount Desert Island, Maine

    Year 2: After buying your peaceful abode, you realize you are pregnant!

    1-3: Congratulations! You're having a baby boy! Name your boy an Old Testament name with an animal middle name.
    4-6: Congratulations! You're having a baby girl! Name your daughter a New Testament name with a non-floral green middle name.

    1: He/she has your hair and your eyes
    2: He/she has your hair and his eyes
    3: He/she has his hair and your eyes
    4: He/she has his hair and his eyes
    5: He/she has a combination color for hair (ie blonde & brown = dark blonde) and your eyes
    6: Your choice

    Year 3: You decide to get into animal husbandry.
    Animal Species
    1: Cows
    2: Horses
    3: Goats
    4: Alpacas
    5: Sheep
    6: Chickens

    Roll the die to see how many animals you first adopt.

    Year 4: Your partner decides to get into knitting, so you open a shop in town. Name your shop!
    1: The Blue
    2: The Prancing
    3: The Odd
    4: The Sweet
    5: The Eco
    6: The Wee

    1: Leaf
    2: Hare
    3: Sea
    4: Timber
    5: Fox
    6: Sun

    Year 5: You find out you're pregnant with twins
    1-3,1-3: B/B - name your boys well-known names from literature with Greek god middle names
    1-3,4-6: B/G - name your boy and girl an Israeli place names with Biblical middle names
    4-6,4-6: G/G - name your girls J-names with feminization middle names
    4-6,1-3: G/B - name your girl and boy Gaelic names with stone middle names

    1: first twin has your looks, second twin has your partner's looks
    2: first twin has your hair and partner's eyes, second twin has partner's hair and your eyes
    3: both twins have your partner's looks
    4: first twin has your partner's hair and your eyes, second twin has your hair and your partner's eyes
    5: both have your looks
    6: Your choice

    Year 6: You experience a spiritual awakening, so you and your family decide to worship at a sanctum.
    What religion/faith
    1,1 Roman Catholic
    1,2 Anglican/Episcopalian
    1,3 Lutheran
    1,4 Russian Orthodox
    1,5 Quaker
    1,6 Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    2,1 Orthodox Judaism
    2,2 Conservative Judaism
    2,3 Reformed Judaism
    2,4 Humanistic Judaism
    2,5 Karaite Judaism
    2,6 Reconstructionist Judaism
    3,1-3 Sunni Islam
    3,4-5 Shia Islam
    3,6 Sufism
    4,1-2 Vaishnavism (Hinduism)
    4,3-4 Shaivism (Hinduism)
    4,5 Shaktism (Hinduism)
    4,6 Smartism (Hinduism)
    5,1-4 Mahayana Buddhism
    5,4 Zen Buddhism (sector of Mahayana)
    5,5-6 Theravada Buddhism
    6,1-6 Wicca

    Year 7: You and your partner decide to add more animals to your family
    Animals Species
    1: pygmy goats
    2: ponies
    3: dogs
    4: yak
    5: horses
    6: cats

    For the amount, multiply the second number on the di rolled times the first number you got.

    Year 8: You and your partner decide to take a 2-week vacation. Where are you going?
    1: Alaska
    2: Madagascar
    3: New Zealand
    4: Martinique
    5: The Netherlands
    6: Scotland & Ireland

    Year 9: The children you saw on your vacation inspiried you to adopt.
    1-3: you've adopted a girl! - name her a saint's name with a middle name from her country of origin
    4-6: you've adopted a boy! - name him a war hero's name with a middle name from his country of origin

    Country of Origin
    1: The country you visited
    2: a country that is in the same sphere as the country you visited (ie you visited Martinique, you adopted from Haiti)
    3: a country in the opposite sphere of the country you visited (ie you visited Scotland & Ireland, you adopted from Madagascar)
    4: your choice
    5: you adopt from a country that is not on the previos list
    6: you decide to adopt twins (B/B, G/B, or G/G your choice) domestically

    The roll the dice find out what age your darling child(ren) is/are. If you roll a six, switch the middle name with the first name.

    Year 10: You decide to get the kids involved in music. What instrument do they play
    1: Piano
    2: Violin (or the fiddle... same thing)
    3: Cello
    4: Harp
    5: Accordion
    6: Clarinet

    1: Oboe
    2: Piano
    3: Bagpipes
    4: Saxophone
    5: Bongoes
    6: Ukulele
    {Margaret Beatrice Susannah Persis "Peg" ⭐︎ Temperance Flavia Oonagh Elizabeth "Percy"}
    {Christian Amias Patrick Smith "Kitto" ⭐︎ Edgar Thomas Clement Pascoe "Ed"}

    “Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining in the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.” ~ Song of Solomon 2:15

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    Me: Vivian Odell-Clinch
    - Blond hair, green eyes
    DH: Michael Adam Clinch
    - Brown hair, blue eyes

    Year 1: House:
    San Francisco Bay Area

    Year 2: We have a baby girl!
    Philadelphia Mignonette Clinch "Delphie"
    - Blond hair, green eyes

    Year 3: Goats: Pearl and Winston

    Year 4: Knitting shop: The Sweet Leaf

    Year 5: We have G/B twins!
    Aoife Opal Clinch
    - Blond hair, blue eyes
    Angus Moonstone Clinch
    - Brown hair, green eyes

    Year 6: Religion: Lutheran

    Year 7: Cats: Winifred and Millicent

    Year 8: Vacation: New Zealand

    Year 9: We adopt a one year old girl from France!
    Agatha Lilou Clinch

    Year 10: Instruments:
    Delphie plays the harp
    Aoife plays the piano
    Angus plays the ukulele
    Agatha plays the piano

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Alvdis • Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Eir • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Io • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Birch • Henry • Imre • Johan • Orion • Pil • Silas • Storm • Timothy • Tindre

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    You: Lily Claire Abbott
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel

    Partner: Adam Henry Porter
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye Color: Brown

    Year 1: Cottage in Oahu

    Year 2: Elizabeth Rachel
    -blond hair, hazel eyes

    Year 3: 4 Horses

    Year 4: The Sweet Timber

    Year 5: Ealanor Ruby and Callen Jasper
    -blonde hair, hazel eyes and brown hair, brown eyes

    Year 6: Mahayana Buddhism

    Year 7: 10 Dogs

    Year 8: New Zealand

    Year 9: May Caroline and Lucas Theodore [5]

    Year 10: Elizabeth: Piano, Eaelanor: Violin, Callen: Piano, May: Cello, Lucas: Saxophone

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    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Year 1: Log Cabin in Maine

    Year 2: Bethany River, looks: she has his hair and his eyes

    Year 3: 4 goats

    Year 4: Your partner decides to get into knitting, so you open a shop in town, named The Odd Sea

    Year 5: Ariel Ezra/Galilee Ruth, both have your looks

    Year 6: becoming Wicca

    Year 7: adding 6 yak

    Year 8: going to New Zealand

    Year 9: addopting Flora Ruby (3) and Lelia Maisie (1)

    Year 10: You decide to get the kids involved in music.
    Bethany: Harp
    Ezra: Bongoes
    Galilee: Cello
    Flora: Clarinet
    Lelia: Piano

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