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    Middle name for Pearl - Ray or Janice?

    Hi all-

    I'm pregnant with a boy, but trying to think of a girl name just in case there was a mistake on the ultrasound. There's a good chance this will be the name we use in the future if we have a girl.

    We want to use family names of relatives that are meaningful to us. First name will likely be Pearl, after my aunt. The middle name will come from my husband's side. The front runners are Ray or Janice.

    I love Ray as a middle for a girl, but I'm not sure how good it sounds with Pearl...both monosyllabic. Which do you think works better: Pearl Ray or Pearl Janice?

    Any ideas on variations of these names that could work?

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    Neither flow particularly well, to be honest. Have you considered two middle names? Some suggestions:

    Pearl Janice Ray
    Pearl Elizabeth Ray
    Pearl Miranda Ray
    Pearl Eva Ray
    Pearl Victoria Ray
    Pearl Calista Ray

    Pearl Janice Eve
    Pearl Janice Grace
    Pearl Janice Leigh

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    I like Pearl Janice, but Pearl Ray doesn't flow—the RL-R is just tricky.

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    Thanks! We want to avoid two middle names, because our last name is hyphenated and we don't want too many names. I agree it is unfortunate that our favorite first name and favorite middles don't seem to flow too well!

    Any ideas on derivatives of Janice? I'm wondering about Pearl Jania, perhaps?

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    I actually like Pearl Ray. But I find myself saying it all in one breath--as though it's all one name. Kinda has a country vibe to it in my mind.

    Pearl Jane
    Pearl Janette/Jaenette/Jannette (thinking the French pronunciation)
    I know a Janice who pronounces it Ja-niece. Then you wouldn't have to worry about it being monosyllabic.

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